How to effectively use Facebook Ads

Hello, today we’ll talk a bit about how to effectively use Facebook Ads. Many times you will have seen when browsing your Facebook account listed some text ads and photos, on your left side display advertising. These advertisements are a type of format that offers users Facebook to publicize an event, your company, promoting your company, products and services.


With this you can advertise through the network, and charges the issuer Facebook ad per click made on the ad, ie, for that is actually sent visitors to your website.
Facebook is now one of the most used social networks on the web. It is the # 2 global search! And connects to billions of people around the world.

But display advertising on Facebook called “Facebook Ads”. Which is divided into three parts, advertisers can create their own pages by being specific in their campaigns, get information and statistics on the thousands of millions of users of this network. So Facebook Ads advertisers can create campaigns to a specific segment. Ie they may have the profile of the consumer, niche and target market research.
The following is step by step how you can advertise on Facebook make your company or business.

• Steps to Use Facebook Ads:

1. Enter the Facebook Ads Site.
The address is

2. Choose the button “Create an Ad”.
Which will take four important steps to building our campaign.

3. Enter details of your website.
Even Facebook helps you create one. He also writes a title and content of your ad, remember to hold keywords.

4. Target your market.
This part is very important. Therefore you are invited to conduct a market study to determine its customer profile and target your niche. Because here you can choose criteria based on data collected, and so can choose the following:
• Geographical location
(Costa Rica, USA, Spain, etc.).
• Age range
• Sex
• Keywords
Keywords are the words potential customers use to find information.
• Educational Level
Thus, selection of appropriate careers and to the Educational Institute or University in which they studied.
• Companies
• Marital Status
And the fascinating thing is that as they are filling these areas of selection criteria, Facebook will calculate the level of users who may meet the criteria, and thus have an estimate of readers or potential customers.

5. Create the advertisement.
Here you place the title and the description of our advertising campaigns. Remember to hold keywords.

6. Option Type Advertising / Budget.
Then there were 2 ways that Facebook has to handle this situation:
• Print for Pay (Pay Per View).
This is where you can budget a certain amount to pay per thousand ad views.
• Pay Per Click (Pay per Click).
And here is where you can budget a certain amount to pay for each click on the ad.
It is very similar to what Google Adwords has to offer.

7. Data for Payment.
This last step allows you to review the announcement and return to modify some data if needed, and then enter the billing information before confirming the order.

Remember that the ads are subject to review by Facebook. After it is approved, you will have your advertisement to thousands of people.