Extremadura cava breaks record for sales in the Christmas campaign

The new portal of selling products from Extremadura, is the product star, outselling to wines of recognised prestige, such as speech Extremadura cava, which occurs 30 years, boasts increasingly more followers, both in Spain and in major international markets. In Europe, the cellar of Extremadura is very successful in the center of the continent, especially in Germany, and also in England. Also in Asia, mainly in Japan, it is gaining followers every day. Extremadura cava producers expect to sell more than 5 million bottles this year.

On sale online without intermediaries platform TodoExtremadura.com, which was recently presented in society, already has become the product of this star Christmas, with the Sierra de Guadalupe and the Ex of Extremadura as flags and outselling to wines of recognised prestige, such as speech.

Extremadura cava breaks

“There is no physical distribution channel appropriate to cover so much demand from all Spain, Internet has become one of the main ways to acquire Extremadura cava, and major producers have found in TodoExtremadura.com the easiest way of commercializing it,” explains Domingo Ortega, Social Media Manager of TodoExtremadura.com.

Extremadura cava, which is produced with grapes mataveo, xarelo and Chardonnay, is their success in their varieties of semi-dry and brut nature. Latter is gaining more adherents, since having no added sugar you can combine best with certain foods and not just desserts.

Says Domingo Ortega, the Christmas campaign is for cava is one of the best times of the year in which sales concerns. “Cava doesn’t improve over time, so it is always best to consume it during the first year or two years from your purchase. Therefore it is a very seasonal and elastic product, and its sales are subject or are affected by social and cultural factors. Escapes no one that recent political debates are influencing the results of this campaign”.