The environmental commitment of Cargill SLU

CARGILL SLU becomes a benchmark for the companies in their sector betting on a model that ensures the effective management in terms of sustainability for biofuels production. Bureau Veritas Certification delivers the food and agricultural company Cargill SLU of the certification on sustainability according to the scheme approved by the European Commission 2BSvs, for all its production plants as well as trade and distribution. This certification is the recognition of the company headquartered in Catalonia of the traceability of raw materials from the moment of delivery to the distribution of oil and biofuel, according to the criteria established by the European Union.

Sustainability certification has been handed over to the person in charge of Trade Execution Manager Iberia of Cargill SLU, Alonso Buira, who on behalf of the whole company not only has shown his satisfaction, but that has also reiterated the commitment to the development of actions and procedures to “reduce the environmental impact of biofuels and help conserve natural resources”.

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Now that Cargill SLU have the 2BSvs, all of its productive plants will have such certification, which ensures compliance with the sustainability criteria set out in the directive 2009/28/ED renewable energies that encompasses both the processing and distribution. Bureau Veritas Certification is one of the agencies which awarded this certification, which arose as a result of the Union of French economic agents of the agri-food sector and supply of biofuel. His intention with the voluntary system 2BSvs was to demonstrate the fulfilment of undertakings in the European directive on renewable energies.

On the other hand, Adelaida Alarcon as responsible for the verification of sustainability and the Legal compliance of biomass and biofuels of Bureau Veritas Certification has ensured that “with the certification obtained Cargill SLU becomes a benchmark for companies in its sector betting on a model that ensures the effective management in terms of sustainability for the production of biofuel”pledging to abide by the criteria set out in the directive and proving the traceability of their products with the sustainable origin. “The commitment and interest of its group of professionals that make up the Department of sustainability has made the certification to be a success”.

Following this comment, Henry Cabello (Cargill’s Lead Country Gosce) asserts that “this certification confirms the Cargill commitment to sustainability.” “This certification 2BSvs, consolidates the work and effort that Cargill carries out for years with his team of the supply chain from origin to destination and thus responds to the demand for sustainable products from our customers.”

About 2BSvs
The renewable energy directive, promotes the use of these, marking that 10% of the total consumption for transport must come from the same 2020.

Sustainability criteria are marked in this same directive prohibiting the change of land use and reducing the emissions of GHG in comparison with the fossil energy by 35%. Compliance with sustainability is for entire biomass produced at international level and be sent to European market.

The voluntary scheme 2BSvs aims to demonstrate compliance with the sustainability criteria set out in this directive covering the entire chain of production and processing for the European market and imported production at the same time.

The 2BSvs scheme is a certification that confirms that your company is part of the sustainable development and ensures the continuity of business. Confirm to customers and partners policy the company follows the environmental practices.