Bureau Veritas rewards the best company in the world day of the environment policy

This event organized by the United Nations serves to raise awareness about the benefits of a green and sustainable economy and celebrates 40 years of life Madrid – The management of the quality, health, safety, environment and Social responsibility is an essential part of culture and activities developed by Bureau Veritas. For this reason the company is involved in world environment day, giving three distinctions to the plans of action, internal and external to show the work of environmental commitment. The awards are given in paragraphs of education, creativity and the annual issue of WED (World Environmental Day), this Edition under the slogan “do Green Economy: Does it include you?”.

It is not the first time that Bureau Veritas organizes the internal competition. Since 2009, it decorates the best actions of the different lines of business, at the global level, for the health of the planet. For the four consecutive years the company has been promoting the event recognized the best laid plans of action against global warming, the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of forests.

environment policy

The Mission of Bureau Veritas is to offer an economic value to clients through the management of quality, health, safety, environment and Social responsibility of their assets, projects, products and systems, and the international group considers to be exemplary in the management of their own processes, ensuring compliance with the requirements of rules and regulations in the development of their activities.

One of the commitments of Bureau Veritas towards the improvement in the control of environmental impact is recognized in 2011 with the ISO 14001 certification in 32% of the group. Obtaining the ISO 14001 international certificate recognizes the company the design of an efficient plan to achieve a balance between the maintenance of profitability and reducing impacts on the environment, echoing the United Nations Environment Programme.

Bureau Veritas continuously shows a clear interest in the preservation of the environment and actively participates in the annual event “World Environment Day” on June 5, in this occasion forty years. The WED is an event which takes place at the global level, and although of world environment day activities are performed throughout the year, its peak is on June 5, with the participation of individuals, institutions and organizations from all the geographical points. In this Edition, the motto of the event is “green economy: do you include?”, which aims to educate the citizen of the importance of deploy resources to reduce emissions of carbon and pollution, improving energy efficiency and avoiding the loss of biodiversity.

On WED, established by the United Nations General Assembly since 1972, is one of the main engines that the UN uses to raise awareness on the environment and promote care and political action in this regard. In this Edition, Brazil will be the world headquarters. UNEP, United Nations Environment Programme, says that this year the event becomes an opportunity to invite the population to assess what areas of everyday life can be applied the green economy and to analyze how the sustainable economy can be a resource for the social, economic and environmental development. Brazil, moreover, will be the focus of the Conference on sustainable development “Rio + 20”, which will be attended by world leaders to discuss the design of a sustainable future between 20 and 22 June 2012.

On the world environment day:

The world environment day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution XXVII of 15 December 1972, during the Stockholm Conference. The event is celebrated every June 5 for 40 years. The WED is an instrument of the United Nations that aims to educate the public on environmental issues and promote cooperation. During the event there are multiple activities: concentrations in streets, green concerts, educational talks in schools and colleges, campaigns of recycling and cleaning, etc.

2012 For the World Environment Day theme is “A green economy: do you include yourself?”. The United Nations programme for the environment that encourages improved human well-being and social equity, significantly reducing the environmental risks and ecological damage. Brazil, one of the countries with the world’s fastest economic growth, is the host of world environment day.

About Bureau Veritas:
Bureau Veritas is an international company specialized in the verification of compliance, inspection, analysis, auditing and certification of products, infrastructures (buildings, industrial facilities, equipment, ships, etc.) and according to regulatory or voluntary frameworks (ISO standards, etc.) management systems.

Bureau Veritas is classified as the second largest group in conformity assessment and certification services in the fields of quality, safety and hygiene, environment and social responsibility (quality, health and safety, environment and social responsibility, cited as \”QHSE\” “) and global leader in QHSE services. It is recognized and accredited by major national and international organizations. Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries through a network of 1,300 offices and laboratories. It has more than 40,000 employees and a customer base that exceeds the 400,000.