Franco Parisi and Mauro Grossi participate in day of entrepreneurship and leadership in the USM

The guests shared their points of view with regard to the current stage of the Chilean economy and possibilities that currently exist to enhance entrepreneurship. Students from throughout the region were summoned to the day of entrepreneurship and business leadership, held in the Universidad Santa Maria. The event, organized by the IEEE Student branch of the same House of studies in conjunction with the Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, had as guests to the notorious entrepreneur and teacher, Mauro Grossi, and the commercial engineer Franco Parisi.

Grossi began his speech showing the following figure: 188 thousand students in the country are studying any career related to engineering. “What we do with all of them, we have an economic model that is going to accept?” were questions posed to attendees, commenting that “today the risk of being unemployed is very high in our career… stay without work or undertake.” The conditions for this they are taking every day”.

entrepreneurship and leadership in the USM

He added that “many times entrepreneurs we feel misunderstood, because we do different things. The problem is that the vast majority of these are conditioned to the environment and not to oneself”. He also explained that there are several factors that influence public policies that obstruct and curtail the entrepreneurship, lack of opportunities for financing and bureaucracy in this scenario, such as the educational model.

On the other hand, Grossi said that this is something that is not in books or taught in the University, is something you have to live. He closed his presentation by stating that “while most entrepreneurs we have, more possibilities for innovation have. And if we are able to innovate, we have the possibility of changing this economic model, that the only thing that does is remove natural resources and export them. I.e., we have possibility to give added value to what we do and that is not a negligible issue nor for chile and the world.”

Parisi and the “Psychology of the poor”
Franco Parisi, for his part, shared with participants his experience from the intention to become a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. “I want to be President and I have been treated. Having no political party, to be separate… have boyfriend. But I am a leader, a leader by ideas,”he said.

He said “the Chilean economy is going as the airliner, but the Government is going to say that there comes the crisis, and one is afraid, and one believes him. The psychology of the poor, which makes that one stays there… because your not annoying, applies if your you are scared and with uncertainty, are you going to ask for salary increase or gonna do entrepreneurship? “.”

Parisi mentioned that the current international situation is “extraordinary”, with us.UU. that will continue to grow and China who decides at what rate you want to grow. According to Parisi, emerging countries will be the center of the economy in the future and will therefore be given all the conditions to be able to undertake.

The day also featured the participation of representatives of the student branch of the IEEE on the USM and the PUCV, who presented on envelope his work and the technical contribution made to different companies in the region and the country.