CONTyGO shall constitute a society to all entrepreneurs who request it for free

This initiative will come into force on December 1 CONTyGO, technological consulting firm on-line which leads the change of era in the form of providing services to entrepreneurs and SMEs, goes one step further in his support to the entrepreneurs of Spain, and has announced that, to those who request it, it will be them for free a limited company. Entrepreneurs will only have to pay the fees to the notary and the commercial registers.

CONTyGO, through its virtual PAIT point, by its agreement with the Ministry of industry, will be in favour of entrepreneurs who so request, all the necessary steps to expedite, facilitate, and constitute its mercantile society, so that they can get rid of certain tasks that do not know or do not dominate.


CONTyGO will only accept the first 250 applications that are received via the web between days 1 and 5 of each month, and each month will begin to consider new requests without storing that have been left out in the previous month.

In the words of Carlos Tapiador, founder and CEO of CONTyGO, “in Spain 83.300 societies were formed in 2011, of which some 31,000 were new entrepreneurial projects, and the rest were of Group companies or subsidiaries.” Throughout 2012, new business figures have increased by something less than 5%, but we are confident that, with respect to the total, the percentage of new entrepreneurial projects is quite higher.”

CONTyGO, via this help and approach to entrepreneurs, expected to cover around 8% of the new projects of entrepreneurs that will be set up in 2013.

One of the main problems facing the “entrepreneurs by chance” is that they are not entrepreneurs, but INNOVATORS. In Spain, in the coming years the “entrepreneurs by chance” and the “entrepreneurship by necessity”, integrating in the search to find the way of the development of your idea, or his professional experience, by self-employment.

According to Carlos Tapiador, “since CONTyGO already we supervised in person entrepreneurial projects that seem to have a greater chance of success. With this new initiative, we want also to support those entrepreneurs who will create your business in the coming months.” The initiative of CONTyGO shall enter into force on December 1, 2012.