New talk of Novo Training brings together 200 entrepreneurs in the USM

Initiative by the Centre for creativity and innovation (CCI) seeks to provide the necessary tools that allow different ideas and projects become real companies. Two hundred entrepreneurs and various houses of studies students gathered at the Casa Central of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa María, in the framework of the second talk of the innovative program Novo Training, transforms your ideas!, an initiative promoted by the Center for creativity and innovation (CCI) and seeking to deliver the tools that allow you to turn your projects into real business.

These tools include workshops for training in innovation, business and sales skills and teamwork, as well as funding for prototypes, access to manufacturing laboratories and consultants in areas of accounting, legal, and graphic. All of this, focused on the goal of the program that is to empower people with vision and the desire to undertake.

entrepreneurs in the USM

The event also featured exhibitions of Reinaldo Espinoza, Director-General of the JRC; Johany Alarcón, General Manager of ITC; José Galarce, entrepreneur and creator of SOTALTIM SpA; Silvia Ontiveros, a founding partner of Tuxpan; Alan Navarro, founder of SAVEPP and Jaime González, Executive Director of ITC. The latter stressed that “this initiative aims increase the chances that the undertakings become a large company”.

“The general concept is that all participating companies have common needs and somehow we decided to partner to be able to generate economy of scale. The advantage of this is that they are also companies that were generated under the same vision, which is to create companies that can contribute to the local development”, Gonzalez said.

Note also that Centre ITC is inserted into an ecosystem of enterprise which consists of 3 actors: the University group of research and innovation (GU2i) whose objective is to generate enterprises; the Center for creativity and (Center ICC) innovation that delivers tools to young people of the GU2i to help you transform your ideas into real pre-empresas, through the HouseNovo and Novo Training program, which is the Association of the pre-empresas born in the CCI Center and that are grouped for the tools that will enable them to become large companies and, when this happens, help new entrepreneurs.

Then participate in the talks, there will be two intensive days of entrepreneurship, where will be selected to the 60 people that they will finally enter training for entrepreneurs Novo Training, and beginning in May.