Entrepreneurs in the fashion industry will gather during the fourth edition

“The aim of this session is that people who work in the same sector and have common interests can get to know and establish relations between them to be more efficient,” said the co-founder of Salon MiEmpresa, Candice Laporte.

The session features the collaboration of Evening Fashion Network, dedicated to make up for the lack of interrelationship between agents involved in the fashion world.

Entrepreneurs in the fashion industry

Madrid January 31, 2013-entrepreneurs and SMEs in the fashion industry have a special role during the fourth edition of the Salon MiEmpresa, the event of reference for entrepreneurs and SMEs in Spain, which will take place on 12 and 13 February at the Palacio de Deportes of the community of Madrid.

Therefore the Organization of the event wants the morning of day 13 fashion also has its space, and it may occur appointment a sector professionals not easy for those who have decided to start their business or show their creativity in which are able to share your questions or problems, and at the same time generate a whole network of contacts enabling them to succeed and achieve your goal. The meeting will feature dozens of actors of the sector: entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises and professionals.

In this way, the meeting of fashion opens on Wednesday at 10 a.m., when the young creative Spanish fashion Sandra Granado, founder of Miss G brand, presented his fashion collection in a parade that will witness all those attending this new edition of the Salon MiEmpresa.

Miss G is a brand born in 2012. It differs by search exclusivity in every design, rescuing the past fashion features which are indispensable when carrying a garment. It is oriented to a woman, feminine, sophisticated and with a touch of romanticism. It aims to give fresh air to the world of fashion, committed to quality materials and handcrafted products.

Subsequently a session of networking for professionals, entrepreneurs will be held and SMEs in the sector. The session will allow them to meet and establish relationships that may be beneficial to them. You will have an approximate duration of 50 minutes and you can have a maximum of 60 people. The mechanics of the meeting is simple: each participant will have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the rest and to expose what you are looking for so others can know if it fits what you can offer.

“The objective of this session is that people who work in the same sector and have common interests can meet and establish relationships to be more efficient”, explained the co-founder of Salon MiEmpresa, Candice Laporte.

The session will involve the collaboration of Evening Fashion Network, a young platform that was born just a year ago and has as main objective make up for the lack of relationship that currently exists between all agents involved in the fashion industry. He has collaborated in important fashion, as for example the Fashion Week Madrid events.

Salon MiEmpresa is organized by Creaventure, has sponsored by Vodafone, and the co-sponsorship of Iberia Plus companies, as well as the special collaboration and supported by MasterCard, and support from Madrid Emprende, the Agency of economic development of the city of Madrid. In this Fourth Edition, the Salon arises as main objective continue to help entrepreneurs and SMEs to obtain solutions and resources for their business, without a doubt, the hardest hit by the economic crisis which we live for years. Hence the slogan chosen for this year’s event: “Reach your goal”, since the end of Salon MiEmpresa is that all those entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs achieve its goal of creating or maintaining their businesses.

About Creaventure

Creaventure was formed in February 2009 with the aim of organizing and holding events of professional and business and, in particular, in relation to the management and development of businesses and companies. It has a management team of professionals, experts in entrepreneurship and management of events.