Entrepreneurs contest for innovation in new digital professions

Business school expands the category to include Digital Journalism, Mobile Business, eCommerce, Social Networking Free Software. Each winner will receive a 100% scholarship to pursue a Masters in IEBS. The call is open until 31 August.

IEBS Business School announces the third edition of the Innovative Idea Competition, under the Embark Scholarship, doubling the number of awards given and expanding categories. After successful participation obtained in 2012, IEBS reaffirms its support for entrepreneurs with this initiative, which will reward the best ideas and projects involving innovation in different fields of knowledge.

Entrepreneurs contest

What began as a project support Marketing, Entrepreneurs, Finance and Human Resources in 2013 is confirmed by the incorporation of new areas. So, join eCommerce, Social Media, Journalism, Mobile Business and Free Software.

The call responds to the efforts of the school to be always at the forefront of new trends on the Internet and technology as well as the formation of new professional profiles . “the rise of electronic commerce, the role of social networks, the emergence of new methodologies like gamification and conversion of many professionals to digital environments were essential to increase our commitment to all those who innovate in all these fields,” confirm from school. With this new edition of the Innovative Idea Competition, the school expects to surpass the 1,000 applications received in the previous year.

Furthermore, the result of this growth, there are also many employees who join this contest for entrepreneurs. For the consolidated SeedRocket, MarketingDirecto or HR Magazine, followed WwhatsNew, TreceBits, the Advertiser, ERP-Spain.com and eMagazine, who will participate and support in the contest. Anyone interested can now sign up for the call through the website Innovative Idea Competition 2013. The winner of each category will receive a 100% scholarship to pursue a master’s in school related to your area. In addition, the award will also receive support to develop your business idea by teachers and school mentors. The second and third place in each category will receive a grant of 70% and 50%, respectively.