Optimism and entrepreneurial creativity

These exceptional entrepreneurs/writers/optimistic will be accompanied, in addition, by Nando Parrado, Irene Villa and Jorge Ruiz (Maldita Nerea). Among all, will shape which is one of the events of the season, “Now you”, that in this second edition consolidates itself as the event of optimism and motivation for businesses and professionals in our country.

Living in the cloud, with the feet on the ground
Pau Garcia-Mila, 26-year-old, represents the entrepreneurial success in our country and is a constant factory of ideas. EyeOS, a virtual desktop in the cloud, and one of the models of enterprise which was better adapted to the beginnings of Cloud Computing, he founded at age 17. More recently, he has launched Bananity, a social community with hobbies and passions as central themes.


Their communication skills, making it an indispensable speaker on motivation for executives, democratized events to the whole structure of the company thanks to the innovative staging of now you in addition to this innovative capacity.

Always looking for new horizons and trying to bring your intense experience in a “cloud” environment, an extremely demanding environment where everything moves at a great speed, has published three books (“Everything to do” “, \”Optimismamente “” and \”TIENES an IDEA but you do not know it”) and is the youngest Professor of the prestigious ESADE (in the Master in Digital Business) business school. A model of perseverance, motivation and optimism.

The key to success is within the self
Alex Rovira is a born, able Communicator, with one sentence, reach inside a person and take out all the positive energy that is inside. Each one of his phrases have a force, a stimulus, an inspirational key to know us better and learn to deal with our weaknesses and fears. Not in vain is one of the most prestigious international Spanish writers, with more than 5 million books sold worldwide – author of the bestseller “The good luck” internationally or the recently published essay “The life that you deserve”, among others. An expert in creativity, innovation, people management and business, psychology, philosophy, anthropology or sociology, Rovira in one of the lecturers most appreciated in the world of the senior positions within the company. “Now you” opens to a wider audience, but also susceptible to his motivational messages.As he himself says: “the future is not inevitable, it’s inventable”.