Enterprises benefiting from the experience of promoting SMEs

In this way, held in the morning of today meeting promoting SMEs in the Palau de Congressos of Girona. Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Sanitas, La Ser, JCDecaux, Cesce, Iberia Plus company, Endesa, post, Sage, Ono, Philips, Enisa, Arsys, Schober, Ayudasaunclic, Womenalia, Nespresso, Europcar, CuVitt, Dintel Foundation and Avalon the network of experts are the 22 companies involved in this initiative.

More than 100 entrepreneurs willing to put into practice new techniques that grow their businesses have been present this morning at the Palau de Congressos of Girona for promoting SMEs. The meeting has had the support of the City Council of Girona. The opening has been in charge of Doña Marta Madrenas, Deputy Mayor of promotion and occupation. “Thanks to the organisers that they have chosen the city of Girona to carry out the day promoting SMEs. Your bet puts in relief the attractiveness and business tourism potential while driving companies themselves are an example and show us how they collaborate with them to present strategies, services and resources for different business models.”

The ideas contributed by promoting SMEs will help entrepreneurs to reinvent their businesses and achieve success by adopting new ways of doing things. The initiative aims, through these meetings, our business sector to take a qualitative leap and meets the real needs of the companies in our country.

Enterprises benefiting

As a novelty this year, has been created the Ono award best 2013 SME. Each city will have a local SME which will present their project and will opt to final award to be presented on June 19, during the meeting in Madrid. In Girona, Alqvimia, relating 25 years in high natural cosmetics is the chosen company.

In addition, Iberia Plus company has held “Support to SMEs” sweepstakes, which is has delivered a prize of 1,500 points equivalent to a flight company round-trip to Europe class tourist full among the attendees.

Financing, innovation, internationalization and energy efficiency are the four pillars on promoting SMEs for the development of industrial and business fabric of our country. Through driving companies, the initiative offers both ideas and specific services to implement them.

Last chance to attend the meetings of promoting SMEs 2013, will be in Madrid, June 19, at the Auditorium Rafael del Pino. The road show will get close to its second edition, but employers can continue to enjoy the benefits of the initiative.

Promoting SMEs it is a movement that will build trust and bring optimism to the Spanish business fabric, closer to small and medium-sized businesses the knowledge and experience of leading companies of renowned.