The USM teacher publishes book on occupational risk prevention

Manuel Munoz, Professor of the seat design, addresses both the rights and duties of employers and workers in this area, in a publication that focused years of research on the subject. “Tools internal of prevention of occupational risks” is entitled the book prepared by Manuel Muñoz Astudillo, lawyer and Professor at the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, seat design.

Rights and duties of employers and workers are addressed in this document of five chapters developed after years of research and analysis in order to “be able to transmit from the University ideas ranging for the benefit of the community, especially in benefit and advantage of companies,” said the teacher.

The USM teacher

Munoz has written for journals, published three ethical books and is preparing two others: “Internal prevention tools” and “Manual basics for the metallurgical industry”.

“While health care is essential in itself, leads necessarily coupled an economic aspect which can be motivating source for those who do not assume this responsibility, whether as an employee or as an employer”, explained, stating that “prevent accidents is a very good business, and who does not understand and is not within the modern canons”.

“You Mr businessman doing risk prevention is going to avoid problems with accidents and what this means, and at the same time will earn money because ultimately it all comes down to increase the profits of the period,” is the message clear and direct teaching. According to Muñoz, these matters are passed because “in Chile there is no preventive culture”.

He said that although the content permitted to produce two books on the subject, he wanted to publish a single text because its objective is to convince the business world who understands what they mean accidents at work for the economy, for the company, and that should be done in detail. That Yes, noted that not only the employers must protect the health of workers: is also duty of trade unions.