Efficiency in pension management companies and executives

Analyze aspects of a company’s pension policy is essential in the management of its human resources. However, managing adequately and efficiently this problematic is a strategic and complex issue for organizations, by changing and unpredictable can be the social insurance law and subsequent regulations. Proof of this are the numerous companies that are identifying inefficiencies in the management and treatment of this vital theme, with the consequent loss of effort, time and money.

In response to this need, since 2003, Argentums Consulting reference consultancy in the achievement of successful processes of social insurance management for companies and executives, provides simple solutions to this complex problem, with innovative professional proposals and concrete, currently implemented in more than 200 companies of various industries and sizes.


“Our clients are multinational organizations and SMEs, who we understand and serve with solutions customized to the needs and problems of each one,” pointing the commercial director of Argentums Consulting, Jorge Gaudio.

A total of 5,500 developed procedures for companies and Argentine executives and a 100% guaranteed effectiveness, guarantee the level and quality of services and results proposed by the consultant.

Today, Argentums Consulting is positioned as the firm most important and recognized in the country in the areas of social security and human resources, thanks to a multidisciplinary team – specialized in the areas: social insurance, RR.HH-financial, consisting of top level professionals with experience in multinational enterprises and related professional companies in the industry. Their up-to-date knowledge of the context of pension and the lifelong study of laws and regulations, make the company the best option to manage social security problems.

“Social insurance policy arises in the medium- and long-term, and to work with professional planning to achieve the best results for both the company and each of the people involved,” explains Fabian Requejo, director of Management and HR Argentums Consulting.

For the specialist, each company should implement a strategy that favors the generational exchange of its endowments, what will report positive results at the economic level, both on the climate of the organization in general. “With regard to persons who, after years of work, reach a long-awaited moment of his life as idealized, works in the active transition to the stage of passive, covering the different effects of the change in the social, economic, legal and technical”, points Requejo; Noting the support you provide to managers of RR.HH., as primarily responsible for the optimization of the financial results of the company in relation to the implementation of social security policies.

Argentums Consulting considers central to analyze the particular characteristics of the pension situation of the employees of the company, plan and implement strategic actions to provide a benefit to staff five years to comply with the legal age, meet and provide for actions to obtain more having him concerned, allow it to run and enjoy their right from the first day that corresponds, and plan their future with a planned knowledge of their future income.

In parallel, optimizing the costs of the company, getting savings in your template (wages and social charges), increasing productivity, impacting positively on HR indicators (hours extras, absenteeism, accidents), lowering the exposure to legal contingencies (claims compensation), improving the internal climate / CSR, and planned replacement tables.

However, Argentums Consulting not only provides solutions to companies, but also to executives who wish to plan his retirement with the proper anticipation, providing strategic vision as an alternative to the conventional management. “Retirement must be resolved with intelligence and strategy designed in the long term, not as a simple formality”, emphasizes Mariana Uhart, Director of the benefits Management Division. “We support our advice with specific numbers, and defend the rights of the beneficiaries of the system, enforcing the rights as a whole.” “We are firm to public bodies, making prevail that regulations or laws indicate, and we update and seek solutions by examining each case individually,” warns the Executive.

The management makes Argentums Consulting for companies and executives, as well as obtain the best conditions of retirement for staff, manages the ANSES complies with all its obligations within the prescribed legal. “Representing a specific and very significant economic savings for the company”, underlines the director of Management and HR consultant.

“Argentums Consulting we get involved with each case, for the best resolution of the pension benefit or organizational outcome, accompanying our clients as strategic partners”, said Fabian Requejo. “We bring commitment, to surpass the expectations of our customers;” responsibility, to ensure compliance with our obligations professionalism and appropriateness; I am respectful, to integrate differences and promoting acceptance practices to strengthen integration; “and loyalty, by providing all our capacity and suitability with honesty and honesty”, says.

It says Requejo, Argentums consulting, provides a service in definitive makes the companies comply with the its responsible social role, never loses sight that the ultimate goal is always human beings. “The person that has many years in a company and in , deserves the best retirement and the best conditions in his retirement,” he describes. “When a company bets on the future of his people, his commitment to the future of the company”, concludes the director of Management and HR Argentums Consulting.