Tips for creating effective ads to sell online

A correct choice of words is essential to make an ad useful in selling a product or service over the Internet, since in addition to decide what is said and how it is said should bear in mind the SEO with the growth of the online market of second hand has also increased competition between individuals who offer a product or service over the Internet.

When drafting an announcement not only should take into account the content and form, but that it is suitable to include in the text the appropriate keywords to optimize the positioning of the advertisement in major search engines.

 effective ads to sell online

The company specialized Bulletin Board has created ads Editor, an Assistant online for the creation of ads which constitutes a free and easy to use tool to act as guide in the process of drawing up an advertisement to sell something second hand.

Experts from the team’s noticeboard indicate that “there are many ways of writing an ad, but if the user wants to be useful and that your ad receives visits that result in sales you must have in mind what the potential buyer is looking for”. So, before writing an ad no to think only about what you mean, also in what you want to achieve.

Bulletin Board tips for writing ads and obtain the desired result

1 Focus on the benefits that can lead to buyer, more in the characteristics of its product or service.
2 Think that the announcement will be read by a person like you. Try to be close and personal. Think of every one of the people that will read your ad and not all of them at once.
3. Put all his power of persuasion in the title. A good title can multiply the number of people who are going to read.
4. Do not repeat in the body of the advertisement placed in the title. Leverage your space to the maximum to expose the main features and benefits of the product.
5. Do not abuse of expressions of claim as a unique occasion, extraordinary opportunity, best offer…
6. The last sentence of the ad is the last opportunity to get the user to reply to your ad. The best way to end is to ask the user to Act (like for example ask more information to obtain your feedback).