IEBS Announces Winners of the Third Edition of the Embark Scholarship

The third edition of the Fellowship of IEBS Emprende again highlight the commitment of the business school to help people with innovative ideas IEBS Business School has announced the winners of the competitions and Entrepreneurial Idea Innovative Marketing Idea and Human Resources, which were held on the occasion of the third edition of its Embark Scholarship.

Having analyzed the finalists from each of the three categories, IEBS want to emphasize the high level of proposals as well as the interest and participation of all entrepreneurs, thus increasing the difficulty in making a final decision.

Edition of the Embark

Contest The jury was made ​​up Entrepreneurs teachers IEBS, SeedRocket entrepreneurs and mentors, among which Jesus Monleon, director of the Master in Business Management for Entrepreneurs Business School.

thus the most innovative project in the category of Entrepreneurs for the jury has been \ ‘Salured: Intelligent Platform Health \’ by Juan Carlos Rodríguez Hernández, a service company dedicated to generating a better relationship between professionals and health companies and individuals through its intelligent platform. This project had previously achieved the Audience Award. Meanwhile the runner has been \ ‘TedCast \’ de Jesus Perez. In turn, the third position is shared by this time two projects \ ‘ \’ of Mary Help Contreras and \ ‘Weeky List \ “David Mendoza, who have been tied after the jury’s decision.

In Category Marketing, business school and ‘’ marketing leading portal that has been part of the organization of the competition, have determined that the winning project is \ ‘SMT: Social Moment of Truth \’ of Daniel Palacio, a methodology and measurement tool created to measure the impact of digital brand considering the Buzz Marketing, engagement and influence. It follows in second position \ ‘SocialWave \’ of Javier Garcia, project more votes from the public and leaving his third place free, which is occupied by \ ‘\’ Vintage Around the World \ ‘to Mercedes Fuster.

Finally, in the category of Human Resources, IEBS and web portal specializing in Human Resources and Management \ ‘ \’ have jointly decided that the winner is \ “Less is More \ ‘Lorenzo Gunter, who was also the project more voted by the public. This is an initiative that enables the development, growth and employee motivation and stimuli using positive reinforcers that workers will perform better. Then, the second place is held by ‘\’ mental visualization to prepare the individual \ ‘Jaime Raul and finally Master \’ The Fellowship of the Employee \ ‘de Borja Periáñez third.

Winners in each area may pursue a master in IEBS with a 100% scholarship, the second place winners will receive a scholarship of 70% and those left in the third place are awarded a scholarship of 50%.

Besides being a success of participation, the third edition of the Scholarships Emprende of IEBS again highlight the commitment of the business school to help people with innovative ideas, rewarding them with specialized training that will enable them to promote and accelerate their projects.