EComm & Beers rewards the best young eCommerce projects

EComm & Beers calls the “first prize eComm & Beers Madrid” the best young project of e-commerce. All participating projects will receive two tickets to attend 3 addition. The winner will be awarded a set of mentoring programs and services of high value offered by the sponsors: BrainSINS, Comerkia, StartupSpain, email, Vodafone, Loogic, room CAMON, Abanlex, Ydral, PayPal and The Crowd Angel. The deadline to submit nominations is September 25, 2012. Call for the submission of the finalist projects of the “first prize EComm & Beers”.

EComm & Beers rewards

EComm & Beers organizes the “Prime eComm & Beers Madrid Award for the best young project of eCommerce”. The deadline for nominations be extended until September 25, and on October 4 the best projects will be presented before a jury of experts in eCommerce and funding for startups, composed by BrainSINS, StartupSpain, PayPal, Comerkia, post, Vodafone, Loogic, Ydral, Abanlex and The Crowd Angel. In addition, all projects submitted will receive two invitations to attend addition 3, which will be held at the Teatro Galileo in Madrid on October 2.

EComm & Beers is a monthly event focused on electronic commerce, which was held in Madrid from early 2012. During these months, EComm & Beers has created a community of more than 150 people interested in creating or improving their projects of eCommerce, online stores and developing innovative ideas within the sector in Madrid. Due to that EComm & Beers put its focus on small traders and fledgling projects, it is expanding its activity to other area, such as Seville, where will be held the first EComm & Beers Seville on September 20, and in Barcelona, where it will be held from October.

In addition to its expansion to other geographical areas, EComm & Beers intends to continue supporting the younger projects and that they are in phase with greater uncertainty. To this summons the first edition of the EComm Awards & Beers Madrid the best young project. These awards may be all projects related to e-commerce that have seen the light as of January 1, 2011. Nominations will be made through the website [ – ecommbeers -ecommerce/102505] until September 25, and October 4, the best 5 projects will be presented in the room Camon (Plaza de la Moncloa, 1), in an event for two hours beginning at 11: 00.

The jury of the EComm Awards & Beers is composed of professionals from the world of electronic commerce, such as Francisco Carrero (BrainSINS), Modesto Fraguas (mails), Roberto Palencia (Comerkia), Jesús Arias (PayPal) and Philippe Lardy (Ydral), and also experts from the world of technology startups and investments in such companies, as Javier Cuervo (StartupSpain), David cart (Vodafone) and Ramón Saltor (The Crowd Angel). With this jury, the prize aims to, on the one hand, choosing the best young eCommerce projects and, on the other, provide value, tips for improving their business models, with both a bundle of services for the best 3 projects, various programmes of advice and services of high added value for an online store, offered by the organizers and sponsors of the prize: BrainSINS, Comerkia, StartupSpain, PayPal, mail, Vodafone, Loogic, Sala Camon, Abanlex, Ydral and The Crowd Angel.