When it comes to software I usually recommend Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for vector graphics and how to expand your business, never outgrow the software. It costs about $ 500 and is widely available. In addition, most design schools Illustrator teach what most design students and new graduates should already have a basic understanding of how to use the program.

Your vinyl cutter will be one of your biggest investments and lynch pin of your business. The main brands are Roland, Gerber and Graphtec. The standard vinyl cutter starts at $ 2000 and goes up from there.

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Apart from the big brands are getting a lot of second type of vinyl cutters on the market. Make sure you do not buy a vinyl cutter because cheaper sub standard vinyl cutters are prone to traffic jams, poor alignment and other critical errors that waste vinyl film cutting expensive and time.

Computers today are easy to buy and do not need any special qualifications to run the software that drives your vinyl cutter. Just spend about $ 1000 on a new computer and you will be able to put out all kinds of signs. (You can even handle things in a laptop if you wish.) Some updates you may want to think of a large monitor and pretty. As an artist myself, I like to put a little extra money on a nice monitor because it makes things more convenient for you or your artist and is also convenient when your customers are looking over your shoulder as you present designs for them. Signs Store is a great place to spend the best offers vinyl cutters and related equipment.

Vinyl & Aid Supplies

His mainstream media to start a business sign is the vinyl film. You can buy hundreds of different Pantone colors, reflective vinyl, vinyl, metallic vinyl that simulates glass etching, vinyl holographic film even chloride mixed with 24 carat gold! With the variety of vinyl films available, the artistic possibilities are almost endless!

My personal brand favorite vinyl film is Avery, have an excellent selection and their products are very easy to work with. One of the key points you want to consider is that the vinyl comes in different “quality levels” and the quality is generally determined by the length of time that can withstand exposure to the sun and elements. So you want to evaluate the environment that the signal will show in use and the appropriate grade vinyl.

Besides vinyl films, also need a good workbench, plenty of transfer tapes, squeegees, straight metal edges, rulers, tape measures, T-squares, X-Acto knives, tweezers, Rapid Tac and STABILO pencils. All these tools are relatively inexpensive to beyond vinyl cutter software, and computer, not much additional cost for equipment.