How to earn extra money by painting curbs

Paint addresses on curbs Street started around the 60’s and has continued with private individuals and charitable organizations undertaking work. You can also get into action to get some extra winnings. The launch as business is quite simple, and just requires attention to a few basic steps.


Check with your local registry office if a license is required and if there is any rule about the colors you can use.

earn extra money

Purchase two colors, if allowed. Black letters on a yellow or white background are the norm. The best painting, however, is the white and black reflective road paint in spray. If there are no restrictions, you can perhaps choose your own combination of colors and shapes. Add a little star or an American flag or a football team.

Purchase a staff of 3 inches (7.5 cm) high for numbers and one for the valance. You can also make your own frame of a license plate or cardboard.

Practice before painting really. Take a cheap block patio and practiced. Pinta first background color the curb and then draw numbers. You can use masking tape to stick the back of the numbers to keep them together as a set and make it faster and easier to align.

Locate customers. Looking for a new development of housing in your city, it is more likely that the numbers still have to be painted. Search also cleared areas not very well read numbers.

Approach the owner and offer yourself to paint. Take a few pictures of different designs in a nice folder to show, giving the customer the opportunity to make a selection. Many homeowners opt to paint your curb if they know they can show American pride or team spirit.

Enter leaflets door to put your contact information. Make sure to show at least a couple of pictures of your work.

Establishes a fee. Accept only cash, because it makes remains private owner’s personal information and eliminates any check returned by you.

Take your time when you paint, making sure your templates are straight and securely fixed in place. Sprinkle evenly and generously. Clean up spills and tweak as necessary to your work look perfect.