E-business is more common than ever. You probably already do in one way or another, as with the payment terminal credit card and debit which is next to the cash register. If you plan to increase the use of e-business in your daily operations, ensure that your company is ready and calculate your ROI . If everything seems favorable, you can develop your plan.

E-business plan

Integrating the Internet to your business plan
Are you ready to integrate e-business methods in your business? What e-business technologies can you use to establish and grow it? Check the ways you can evaluate, use and maintain your e-business technologies. Identify the challenges you’ll face.

If you want to make the most of Internet technology available, you can hire a consultant in e-business or Web consultant to help you assess your needs and manage the technological aspects of e-business integration.
• Internship program in small businesses
Applies to: All of Canada
You could get funding to hire a student to help you to adopt practices and technologies of electronic commerce and, thus, increase sales and productivity.
Brainstorming: review your options
Think about the elements of your business that might be more effective if you use the Internet and goals you want to achieve with this technology. Is it possible to automate to increase profitability and sales and reduce costs?
For example:
• In business for several years, you’re in a busy but you notice that the competition in the region decreases your turnover. You must find a way to reach more customers. Open another branch or move would be too expensive, and probably more complex than you’re ready to go. Have you considered using the Internet to promote and sell your product in a larger market?
• Your new company offers a range of frequently renewed. Prepare and maintain a printed catalog would be costly and take a long time. An online catalog allows you to update quickly and inexpensively photos and descriptions of your products. You just have to know your customers that now they can check your website.