Dubai and London, the cities in which most hotels were inaugurated in 2012

They are followed by Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and New York, which wakes up from his “lethargy” Hotel the greatest growth in the hospitality industry in 2012 remains concentrated mainly in Middle East and Southeast Asia. At the level of cities, the significant increase of a quintessential tourist capital is notable as it is London. So is extracted from the ranking of cities with more hotels opening in 2012 by Fogg , the intelligent search engine for hotels.

Dubai and London

Dubai exceeds the small bump
The ranking done by Fogg contemplates higher categories (3, 4 and 5-star) Hotels opened during the year 2012. According to it, Dubai is situated in first place with nearly forty new hotels opened last year. The city recovers its usual frenetic pace in the construction and acquisition of tourism, after a little stagnation in recent years due to the economic crisis without hesitation.

London, the thrust of the Olympic Games
It is noteworthy that the second city that has promoted more hotels in 2012 worldwide has been London. The number of openings in the British city is around 25 new establishments of first level. This growth is mainly due to the tourism push that has meant the celebration last year of the Olympic Games.

New York, once again, to the fore
Fourth of cities with more activity Hotel New in the newly finished year is Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, which once again confirms the hegemony of Middle East. Other cities that draw attention, in this case for his return to the top, is New York. The tourist city, after a few years in which not offered too many developments in its hotel portfolio, has increased his list with nearly a score of first class new hotels open in 2012. And its forecasts to 2013 are even brighter.

Asia, hotel infrastructure in full expansion
On the other hand, the ranking done by Fogg, is extracted that Asia is the fastest growing hotel infrastructure. Along with Arab countries–that seem to have already dodged with ease the economic crisis world-noteworthy especially China, Thailand and India, countries that are in the top cities such as Chengdu, Bangkok and Bombay.

Ranking full Fogg:

10 cities in the world that more hotels have opened in 2012

1 Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 38 [Asia]
2 London (United Kingdom), 25 [Europe]
3 Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), 20 [Asia]
4 New York (United States), 18 [America]
5 Bangkok (Thailand), 16 [Asia]
6 Doha (Qatar), 14 [Asia]
7 Moscow (Russia), 12 [Europe]
8 Abu Dabi (United Arab Emirates), 11 [Asia]
9 Chengdu (China), 10 [Asia]
10 Bombay (India), 9 [Asia]

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