The different telecommunications solutions allow to save more than 30 %

According to an analysis of Axiatel, up to 1,200 euros per year is what a professional or an SME can be saved with the management of their services by Internet enterprises, especially the professional freelancers and SMEs, they look more and more bills to ensure the viability of their projects and increase savings while maintaining the quality of them. In this search are decanted by services that allow them to reduce their costs, especially in communications.

We are continually bombarded by offers, promotions, discounts of operators that appear, disappear, merge, reinvent themselves and this creates a feeling of confusion and chaos. As luggage must bear in mind that a service should cover our expectations and to the extent possible at the best price on the market, although this search also has a price. Operators such as maintains this idea as a principle, simplicity, quality and a competitive price that saves.

telecommunications solutions

According to an analysis by selling solutions online portal in telecommunications for SMEs,, online services such as fax by email, virtual switchboard and conference call, etc. generate a cost up to 30% reduction bills. Thus, an SME or self-employed could save up to 1,200 euros per year. Expenses on installation, spare parts, repairs, ink, paper, and a myriad of elements that add up to an amount which may well serve to manage other companies developing.

These services allow significant savings as well as improving the quality of the same transmitting a professional image, adapted to the new technologies of the time. Another important element is the factor “time”; meetings of various participants located in different places, send faxes as if they were emails managed from your smartphone, management of incoming calls… In short, they allow profitable time, improve models of work organisation and relations with customers, while reducing costs.

Another important advantage is the protection of the environment, allowing you to reduce the CO2 emissions arising from travel to places of work or meetings. According to a study, a fax machine consumes the equivalent of an adult tree on sheets of paper a year. It is estimated that you there are around 11 million of machines fax in Spain.

History has shown that they are not the strongest or the smartest that come further, but those who are able to adapt better and more quickly.