Computer futures participated in workshop which developed soft skills

Conception of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa María headquarters provided workshops in communication, leadership, entrepreneurship and work as a team, in a pilot project developed by the Development Department and external projects (DDPE) and belonging to the area of electronics career. Communication, leadership, entrepreneurship and teamwork are some of the so-called “soft skills”, linked to social performance capabilities that allow a person to function better in the world of work.

Computer futures

These issues were addressed by students of the last year of the career technical college in computer science of the headquarters conception of the University technical Federico Santa María, who participated in a pilot developed by the Development Department and external projects (DDPE) and belonging to the area of electronics of the University career. This consisted a module of 68 hours (four hours for 17 weeks), in which by exhibition classes, workshops and team work vivenciaron students the importance of soft skills development to enhance the success of their careers. Patricio Rojas, commercial engineer, expert in entrepreneurship and project manager of the DDPE indicated that the initiative was conceived after that some time ago Corfu unveiled expects considerable catkins international companies installed in Chile to export products and services, called global utilities, owing to the good level of training they have technicians and professionals.

However, this public body also detected that these workers and students linked to these races there are two major shortcomings: under management of the English language and lack of capacity in the area of soft skills. This led to begin talks with the head of career, Manuel San Martin, and start to implement a pilot project in this area. Rojas said that the experience was tremendously enriching, because precisely it’s people that by the chosen profession must pass most of the time front to a computer and without talk. “For those who are not of this area we may be strange, but is the case that young people only tend to interact with their friends, not with its course.” “They should increase their social skills, improve their language, talks fluid with people who are not from its scope,” he said the expert. Therefore it is that he stressed that progress in each of the students and at the same time in the group as a whole was notorious. “With the work, students were able to agree on procedures to accept a different leadership to which it knew, establish roles.”

“Was carried out an initial assessment and one at the end, and without a doubt they managed improve your soft skills, that positively affects employment success that will have”, explained. The same opinion had pupils, who at the end of each thematic representations that were performed, divided into two groups, commented proud accomplishments that they themselves had been able to experience. “I thought it was quite interesting, it is an experience that rarely lives to studying computing.” “I am sociable, but with this workshop I could know much more to my colleagues,” said Javier Valdez. For Jorge Leal, these classes “were a totally different, Super atmosphere entertaining.” “I hardly saw him as classes, because in the end it was more fun than anything, from get together until the performance there was pure good vibes”. Carla Neira, said that “it was a nice experience, because with many of them not shared, that one tends to stay and always share with a group.” This helped me to know them more. “I take very good memories of this race”.