How to deal with a demanding tenant

Some tenants are dream: pay the rent on time and take care of the apartment as if it were theirs. Just contact the landlord when repairs are necessary and when they pay the rent . Other tenants are a nightmare: never pay the rent or destroy property. However, they are also demanding tenants. These can always pay the rent on time, but also contact the owner at all times, waiting for something more than just a department clean and in good condition.

demanding tenant


Clearly stated in the lease or what you can not do by tenants. Be clear in mentioning what they are entitled and what you can do to keep the unit rent in good condition. Decide what services you are paying and what the tenant must pay. Formula what constitutes an emergency in which you will engage immediately, and what are the things that a tenant must wait. Keep building code and tenant laws of your city and state, but also make sure the tenant understands your policy. Have a clear written agreement can help reassure a tenant who wants to require something you can not do.


Make all your tenants contact you to an emergency number if you need a repair after office hours. This can help ensure that only call you when there is an emergency. Calls you a request in writing any repair or replacement, not to end discussion on a verbal request. This can be reassuring the discerning tenant, knowing that you received your order and that you have written.

If a tenant wants to paint the apartment of a different color or add something, like a new carpet, you can tell they want to make any changes in the appearance of the department should be removed when you go to the department to get back in shape I was. This can make the discerning tenant think twice your request. He reminds the tenant is responsible for any damage done to the house if you continue making changes for your account .

Attend all written demands no urgent repairs. Clearly gives the tenant the date and time that you’re going to do the repair, or give the time frame during which will be carried out.