Arnoldo Hax issued talk master on the Delta business model in the USM

Invited by the MBA of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, the leading Professor of MIT, his latest book addressed “Delta model: Reinventing the business strategy”, which places the customer management center. The outstanding scholar of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Arnoldo Hax, offered a massive master class at the Campus Santiago Vitacura of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, invited by the master’s program in business administration, MBA USM. Hax is considered an eminence of the corporate world and is MIT Professor 41 years ago, constantly traveling to Chile to advise major companies on the strategic aspect.

Delta business model in the USM

To start the event, Dr. Oscar Saavedra, Director of the MBA USM and the Department of industries of the campus academic, gave a brief overview about the leading figure, thanking the gesture of the Hax Professor to share his vision on the strategic direction Delta model, widely acclaimed in the business world.

Subsequently, in his exhibition Hax told the reason for the name of their strategic method: “Delta is a Greek letter which means transformation and change; I think that is the only thing coherent that one can say of the business world, said. Their new model is born because the meaning that scholars give it didn’t to Arnoldo Hax and people in general about what is the strategy, i.e. gain a sustainable competitive advantage in time, “that I don’t like because it is placing the competitor in the Center. That you anchor in the past, the strategy is innovation, it is to think differently”, he stressed.

For the academic from MIT, the obsession with the competitor creates a certain imitation, “what I want is to create a singular, differentiated situation. The worst thing that can happen to a business is what is called the “commoditization”, i.e., the lack of ideas, the mediocrity”. On the commodities, Hax said that “a product can be it, for example, copper, but copper business isn’t. “Has nothing to see how Siemens uses it in their power plants to as used by General Motors to make cars, and if you don’t understand that, you don’t understand your business”, said.

The Delta model is based on the focus towards the customer or consumer, for what it is necessary to have a data bank which must identify each customer, defined in the segment that deserves. “The challenge of the descomoditizacion can be achieved with this: transform the organization based on the best product for an organization that provides comprehensive solutions to the customer, at the same time seeking opportunities to achieve the consolidation of the system”, said Hax.

In the last section of the talk, Arnoldo Hax, exhibited his “Haxiomas” (in reference to his surname). Among them are: “the customer is the center of the strategy”, “not WINS beating the competition, WINS generating a link with the client,”strategy is not war, it is love”,”try to understand your customer in depth. The strategy is a client for the time”, among others.