Defining require personnel based on the desired results

The staff undeniable contribution to the achievements of the company is a factor not sufficiently valued. The technology and the remarkable advances of science in all orders of knowledge, automation and improvements in management and administration of business today, although evident, are possible only when they are in charge of making managers and entrepreneur’s collection of his leadership qualities; high performance teams up with members of his staff. But when this is accomplished is by chance or the product of HR planning process? Our professional opinion into successful businesses in the region is the second.

In successful companies, it is built, starting from first define what the service and provide added value to the community, thinking of the benefits that derive from it for their clients, and then start back, defining the how. In the how, the role of human resources is crucial, both as capital, and so this makes it feasible as infrastructure and capital goods such as machinery, equipment and communication technology and computing. This does not come by accident to our companies.

Defining require

In the case of staff, one must first define the required profiles, and this is part of planning. These should clearly define the powers such members should have or would integrate to the company: The knowledge and skills they need to know and use, the skills required, and especially the qualities and skills of their personality and character. These skills are usually expected to be accompanied by moral principles and values and personal integrity. This of course requires strategies and scouting techniques.

Our experience for over twenty years as recruiters in Guatemala and several Central American countries, gives us evidence to say he pointed out. Then the lessons learned, advise us, our human resources departments should be aware of the plans and projects of their businesses, and its mission. This translated into plans should know in advance which provide both qualitatively and quantitatively the type and quality of staff require time and space and that its incorporation will take place in the company. Not before nor after. Knowing this, how part of the plan should develop strategies for personnel searches, based on the required profiles. To make feasible the plan must contextualize both its internal and external environment.

Plan should consider the assumptions and current labor market conditions, competitive wage rates, macroeconomic conditions, political and social. Knowing this, develop policies and strategies for the fulfillment of the plan. It is advisable to consider the support available both job boards and consulting firms recognized specialist in human resources. In the area we have the advantage of having several good options. What will we accomplish? In our opinion, the best prospects available for the financial resources available to the company. This begins to make a difference.