DCE engineering design and implemented the construction of two Data Center for the company Securitas. DCE engineering, announced the completion with success in the Data Center for Securitas Argentina, leader in knowledge of security.

“The situation before the Assembly of the new data center that built DCE engineering, combining a series of needs and reasons that had to do with strong growth at high speed from the company and the need for the infrastructure needed to support this growth and various acquisitions of other companies that made the company.” Explained Lucas Rinaudo, Latin America IT Coordinator / IT Manager of Securitas Argentina and added “we needed a building with tailor made offices and a new Data Center.

DCE engineering

” The idea was to build everything from scratch, in turn Securitas began to acquire other companies in other countries of Latin America and in those countries did not have a technological platform to meet the new needs. On that basis we think in the new Office and a Data Center to be able to give support to the rest of the countries.”

“For the Assembly of the Data Center we chose DCE engineering because gave us the entire solution”turnkey”, we got in a single supplier throughout the construction and maintenance of end-to-end computing Center, the works consisted of: design data center and data network of the building, generator of energy, cooling system and Racks”Wired, UPS, fire detection. etc.,”said the IT Manager of Securitas and underlined:”One of the problems we saw in other Data Center, is that having several providers, no one had charge and everything was left without leaders and solutions.””DCE engineering gave us da turnkey solution.”

“Another novelty of the project was the construction of a Data Center of contingency, we did with DCE engineering in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of eleven, in one of our corporate buildings where today works the Securitas Institute of training,” said finally Lucas Rinaudo.

Description of installed solutions

In charge of DCE engineering work consisted in the mounting of two buildings, with 8 floors of offices in both buildings.

Computing Center was installed with n + 1 redundancy levels in air conditioning as well as UPS.

Rackeables, system detection monitors complement the solution and extinction of fires, biometric access control, monitoring and remote management, etc.
Computations of Securitas Center is vital for its operation, because from these new facilities, it makes the monitoring alarms its clients distributed throughout the country.

He began working on the project since the beginning of the work, together with the architects, builders and all the guilds electrical Stud, intervened in a work of this magnitude, where DCE designed and installed Computing Center, sectional boards, wiring, electrical and data for more than 600 jobs data and generating set for all critical areas of the building.

Since the building of Olivos Computing Center supports 6 countries in the region, including Argentina.

“Was a great challenge understand what was looking for Securitas according to its growth and its proposal for services in the future” said Marcelo Oviedo, engineering manager of DCE and added: “from the first until the last day of work we put our best so that the project is realized in time and form, today more than 6 years that we have to Securitas as one of our major clients and has relied on us all maintenance your critical infrastructure of Data Centers and their buildings”

“Securitas is a very demanding customer that demands us services constantly, we provide proactive, preventive and corrective maintenance on all its buildings” he said Julian Di Nanno, Director of DCE engineering and completed: “Securitas has us in mind and entrusts us with each new work which is done on the buildings of companies that acquires, deployed on each one of them their high standards of facilities and maintenance”.

About Securitas Argentina:
By focusing on providing security solutions to meet the needs of each client, Securitas has achieved sustainable growth and profitability in 51 countries in America North, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. From small stores to airports, our 300,000 employees are making a difference.

About DCE engineering:
DCE S.A. is an engineering company, which specializes in the design and installation of data centers, data networks and electrical works. It differs from other engineering companies which have a wider spectrum of applications and its advantage is specialization, which allows them to offer the best solutions for every need.

DCE engineering designs and implements projects of centres of computations, data networks and electrical infrastructure, using best practices and products that exist in the market, optimizing resources and with a firm policy of environmental care.