100 days and nights 1500

ADECES analyzes the 100 days of Government Yes, has been just over 100 days since the new Government took office, in particular 112 days from the first Council of Ministers. This extension of the time limit on what dictates the custom has its origin in the recent announcement of the Executive on the adoption of new measures finally taken in the Council on Friday 13 April. Apologize in advance for this license.

1500 Evenings is to place on record those consequences, good and bad, arising from the measures taken, extend its effects over the legislature and probably \”mas alla\”. ” A legislature marked fire by the economy, just like these first 100 days, by fiscal consolidation that imposed by Europe and leaves little room to Governments national, including Spain, despite the ordago of the President of the Government in Brussels where he signed the requirement to meet a deficit and later reported in press conference its non-compliance. Judging by the evolution the ordago became foot Bank output.

100 days and nights 1500

It goes without saying that the Government’s success will be the success of all. So it should be expected and to wish him success.

Began the 100 days with announcements of cuts, adjustments or reform (each one can call them as you want), 17,000 million wing; and although painful, seemed to represent an unwavering will of \”hacer what hacer\” to straighten out a situation that appeared harder than expected, already that the public deficit, the same stood at 8 per cent to 8.5 per cent. ”

With this dance of figures and, above all, taking into account the origin which was attributed to him later (the autonomous communities provided most of the diversion on the objective for 2011), the unshakeable will which is discussed above, was varnished with a layer of partisan interest which nothing has helped increase confidence in the Kingdom of Spain.

Does not seem to improve the perception of Spain by charged populist, the idea wielded by the President in the debate on the investiture concerning the increase of pensions: \”Mi single commitment is with the pensionistas\”, he said. Idea, which is now repeated on new budgets.

Disagreement with this statement is radical. Pensions are one income like any other and constitute a fundamental part of the expenditure. However, in the proposed programme budget represent one 3% in 2011. With 600,000 unemployed more according to forecasts of the Government, with more than 2 million unemployed do not charge any type of aid, with workers who see as his salary cut, with the minimum wage that freezes, is not edifying to request an effort for the entire population to increase spending on pensions by 3%.

You understand that minimum pensions increase their purchasing power more than 3%, especially taking into account increases in fees and public prices that are registering. But having said that, the total expenditure on pensions should be content to contribute to the overall effort of mitigate the deficit and prepare the economy for future growth (growth futuro…uhmmmm), futuro…uhmmmm growth, growth that will happen once our GDP and our per capita income has fallen over the years, i.e. that in the best of cases it will take years to be where we were.

On the other hand, it is not consistent with the evolution of companies and wage income, pillars of the system, both to continue the effort to maintain higher pension and that they will be increased with this draft budget, albeit slightly.

Plausible, by necessary and essential, is the measure adopted by the Government to facilitate payment to providers of public administrations. Companies will be saved with the circulation of 35 billion euros and jobs.

However, should have avoided penalties such as those caused by the need to waive interest on arrears or give priority to providers with oldest debts or take precedence to do a remove. The first thing because it is lacking of equity with regard to the debts of individuals or companies contracted with the tax administration, which will require these interests. The second because it is a discrimination between suppliers with recognized and unpaid debts.

These restrictions cause that providers are auto exclude enabled payment system, although it was only used to meet 54 per cent of the projected 17.5 billion, i.e., that had more capacity to pay of the employee really. So it has been in the case of Councils and we assume that communities will have a similar behavior.

From the economic side of the evaluation of the 100 days of Government and, still in the budgetary chapter is worrying the 25% reduction in the chapter of r & d, accompanied by 22% and 7% in the field of education and health to which must be added the effects of other 3,000 settings 7 billion respectively, which will be discussed soon and must apply the autonomous communities.

A return of nut to the education of a country that, in comparison with others of the EU, is in its infancy both in investment and in the time that has been practicing the universality of the system. A twist also to health which constitutes another pillar of social progress.

By the way have appeared discussions on payment of medicines, either through co-payment (repayment for others) or according to income or applying the euro by recipe.

None of these solutions seem correct. Being sick cannot represent a cost overrun. Health, understanding for such treatments, diagnostic tests and medications must be financed with the effort of all citizens according to their income, through personal income tax. All this without expenses which will be set in motion a system such as the payment of medicines on the basis of the income.

Something different is that we have to rationalize the system costs: cheaper drug procurement, reducing the dose of packaging, streamlining the issuance of recipes, ensuring the profitability of clinical equipment, etc. and even if it is rushing much, limiting the number of people that can purchase medicines for free. Incidentally that on reducing costs of medicines would not be more that the institutions were needed loyalty and that the Government of the nation should not introduced elements of legal uncertainty in tenders (auctions) pressuring companies who accept the conditions of the same. The legal certainty that we are calling from Spain to Argentina is transcendental to apply also on Spain, we must lead by example.

Education and health, although they present an economic derivative, in reality are axes of the basic rights of citizens, as also is the access to justice, that the Ministry intends to limit by setting a rate for natural persons of 800 euros to be able to appeal in litigation, and civil order cost which until now only had to deal with companies with a turnover of more than 8 million euros and in the amount of 300 euros. New collection in the center of the system of rights.

Justice left us another announcement: a new change in the abortion law. Legal certainty so employed in these days is on the side of the law’s deadlines. However, aims to roll back to the previous legislation on abortion, the assumptions, that were the solution of a historic moment, but full of insecurity and anguish, as evidenced by some events recent as Isadora clinic.

Throughout this change about less is consent or communication to parents by the under-16s. Even if citizens believe that lack of consent or non-communication to parents is wrong, must indicate that it is worse that some parents, on the basis of their beliefs compel a minor to live with the results of a decision they adopted it and that finally will have to be responsible for the child later or more early.

Complete this change announcement with another that has an impact on the ground of sexuality: pass issue without prescription the pill the day after to do with it, based on the alleged side effects that according to the Minister of industry reports confirm and others, i.e., \”no are not confluents\”. ” Perhaps, over the reports, all can be agreed that as side effects worse of unwanted pregnancy that the which can lead, if it is that they exist, the morning-after pill.

Wert: More talk about your multiple ads at the beginning of this hyperactive stage who has starred in we are obliged to draw attention to his ignorant, biased and confusing performance. Best this stage of sleep that I hope will serve to pensar…pensar…pensar and read. Read with calm the PISA report, says a lot if look you without damage.

Ah!, a final recommendation to the Minister and to all citizens: Beware of confused effort, with penalties not always adequate, as forcing repeat courses with a minimum number of fail, will not be that older students end up contaminating children and we generate situations of frustration worse than we solve.

Maybe just once for all understanding that all our problems have no solution hardening penalties; idea incidentally, recurring, everytime something nasty happens or someone wants to \”enseñarnos \” intransigent that will be with crime or the prevention of crime, for example, has just done the Minister of the interior penalizing the organizers of demonstrations over the network end with altercations. ” A copy of the announcement by Sarkozy. There are rights and freedoms over the marketing.

Whether emphasis on cutting a good part of the basic and universal rights has been on the expenditure side, the revenue side surprising the authorization of increases of fees and public prices but, above all, the tax amnesty that officially is not what is intended to raise because the Minister made no estimate (proof of the lack of confidence that inspires the extent) but is know that it will be a prize to fraudsters and evaders to that they will be forgiven their crimes by the payment of 10% on the undeclared amount. Other conduct not exemplary and lately there are many.

Two recent references of these early days of Government. The first on the labor reform: bad weather to make reform so \”agresiva\” probably her pay with unemployment and impoverishment of families and the economy. ” To some extend the trial to one year period badly speaks entrepreneur has taken all this time to find out if a candidate is suitable.

The second has to do with the public service. It would be desirable that the Government, employers and some media and commentators economic stopped so many recommendations on staff:

Employers and businesses that integrate because it has a lot to learn from efficiency, use of resources, enhancement of human resources and access to jobs on merit. We can look at several large companies.

The Government because no can be echoing, day itself and day also, of the suggestions to be read. Commentators economic because it would be desirable that aside from knowing of economy they knew a little history.

There is a current of opinion aimed to destabilize public function and replace it with a system of hiring to take us directly to the severance package and with them the political dependence and lack of rigour of public employees. It is necessary to improve public administration, Yes. But not to blow of absurdities.