How to find customers for real estate

When you first get your real estate license, you’re excited and ready to embark on this new career. You can also believe that the hardest part of being a Realtor is over, but it is not. The hardest part is finding leads for properties and then convert into actual sales. Some real estate agents are dedicated to making cold calls to potential contacts, some depend only on their references, while others opt for a more approach modern and automated to generate leads.

customers for real estate


Attend events create networking real estate and get ready with many professional business cards on hand.

Place ads in the real estate section of newspapers, local magazines, local newspapers and online sites. Depending on your budget, invest in a good sized ads allowing you to post your picture and a few pictures of the house you have.
Turn to your friends and family to direct customers to search for your property. Chances are someone you know is in the market for a new home or know someone who is interested.

Buying customer lists of real estate portals online services such as Home Gain and Realty Generator. Before you buy, check the Better Business Bureau to find out what other real estate agents have to say about their services. Ask for recommendations from their users, because usually once purchased the list, you can not ask for refund as you have the information.

Go to supermarkets, post offices, libraries and other high traffic areas in your area to send cards and color leaflets related to your business.

Call the small and medium lenders to see if they are interested in working with you. They can be a great source of real estate clients because they often come in search of being pre-approved for mortgages without having an exact home in mind yet. Host a mutually beneficial relationship with the lender, referring clients who need funding, as they relate the contacts you need to start looking for homes.

Create a website that is directed specifically to home buyers in your area. Do users to give you their email address to receive special offers and free information on the home buying so without obligation. When customers see a home you like will most likely call you.