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My wife and I have just spend two days at the clinic may of Rochester Minnesota for a complete physical check-up. We had hundreds of options to choose the health center. We decided to go with the best in the world, who are only 80 miles south of the twin cities. It took us a year to give us the quote. We had an appointment in December and just the day of the event there was a Blizzard and forced us to cancel it. In February of 2009 my wife had a cyst in the liver and we went to the clinic may to her help.

What do them to provide an excellent experience?

Almost all hospitals look and act as a hospital. Many motels and hotels appear to a hotel, but do not feel like the Ritz Carlton. I think that each organization can learn a lot from the clinic may. Everything in this clinic is similar to the Ritz Carlton or the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Scottsdale resort. It is pure class. They have a culture of service and you can see it in almost everything they do.

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When you enter the Gonda building have a post of information just a few steps from the entrance to help you. In the post they have several people ready to help you. They have 2 large areas of information. If you seem to always be lost there is someone who stops to help you. I have never seen this in another health centre in my life. First impressions are always durable.

There are computers everywhere that you can use free of charge and have access to internet. They have wireless internet in all its buildings. All waiting rooms have armchairs type lounge. The offices of doctors have a good sofa for the client (patient and family), Camilla, the doctor desk has computer and printer, and a room to undress. EACH doctor wears thin. All men walk with fine suits or sport jackets. They are very professional.

The bad news is that almost all patients, clients and guests had excess weight. My doctor, Stephen Turner, told me that I had to lose 30 pounds to reach 164 pounds. I’m still trying to figure out how it will do. I have tried to reach the 185 pounds but now if I have to be really thin.

I met my doctor Stephen Turner, for the first time on Tuesday morning. After reviewing my medical history, he printed the agenda for the next 48 hours and areas that had to go to the studies. Told me that doctors see. Everyone was very helpful. I later that you could sign up ahead of time for each appointment. While you wait you get a pager (paging) that is scheduled with your code and makes you know when are ready to assist you. Someone is waiting for you and escort you to the doctor or specialist that you’ll see. Each new doctor may recommend another series of studies or additional doctors you see. Printed each time a new agenda for visits with times and places.

My diabetes doctor (I am at the limit – Dr. Turner said that if he lost 30 pounds probably it rid me this problem) wanted to take a special eye on Thursday at a clinic that is just 4 miles from the central Office study. I had already paid the account of the hotel because I already wanted to go home on Wednesday night. Handle to the clinic on Tuesday at 11: 40 am and they changed all the schedules to meet me at 12: 40 PM. WITHOUT complaints. Without any problems. All were impressive.

This happens in your organization?

When I went to this appointment I asked the parking Assistant addresses while it paid. The I gave directions step by step. It was a very polite and much focused employee in service to clients. The Tuesday night saw a couple who had problems with his car. The battery was dead because they left the lights on. It didn’t boot cables but I have suggested that they were going to the place of payment and ask them aid. When I went through there minutes later already them they were helping free.

It happens this in your organization?

Lessons learning:
1 There are hundreds of healths centers in the twin cities to choose; I chose the Ritz Carlton approach with the best doctors in the world.
2. The Mayo Clinic has a culture of service.
3. If you were lost or needed help everyone was willing to help.
4. The rules are designed to bend for the convenience of the client.
5. In this slowdown in the economy, advertising by word of mouth positive if you pay.
6. Everyone must be trained to provide a service of first.