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Provider and conditions

There are two major credit card providers: Visa and MasterCard. These are banks, organizations (ADAC) and companies (Lufthansa, TUI, Volkswagen, etc.) assigned to then set the fees for the customer. Accordingly, the customer must expect the same performance with different costs, depending on where he bought the card. Assuming a steady income, in most cases must also be a positive SCHUFA entry exist.

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Card Types

Credit card is not the same credit card. Behind every credit card, a credit card account is debited. The card models differ on how the card account is balanced. We distinguish between the following types:

¤ Charge Cards: The sales will be debited from the checking account each month.
¤ Debit Cards: Individual items can be immediately calculated from the checking account.
¤ Real credit cards (revolving credit): Do a credit line, it is redeemed in part. The nominal interest rates are very high compared to other loans.
¤ Prepaid Credit Cards : Are charged only with credit, which can then be consumed. For this credit card no credit check is necessary.

In the real credit card through the credit line and the high interest rate risk is high, too quickly into debt. Conversely with the prepaid cards. Because here you have to pay the balance before the account can make purchases through no debt. This form of credit card is therefore well suited for children and adolescents.


For credit cards, the card issuers charge different fees. These are sometimes dependent on the additional services and are therefore very different. Whether you really need this, you should consider before signing the contract. Generally, expenses incurred for:

Annual fee: For credit cards are charged by the card-issuing banks fees. They range from free services to several hundred euros.
Cash withdrawals: The fees vary between one and four percent of the draw, is often calculated with a minimum charge of about five euros.
Abroad: Here you can make the charges up to two percent of the purchase price. For purchases within the EU, the provider usually charge no fee.
Lending rates: These costs are incurred when you use your credit line. The nominal interest rates can range from 8 to 20 percent.
Insurance: This means for example via the credit card is a journey – legal or – comprehensive insurance with the same finish.
Monthly fee: With prepaid credit cards you may incur a monthly account maintenance fee.

The risk is like the debit card for responsible handling low. A safety measure is the test number on the back of the card. These will need to provide for a signature-based payment, but it is not stored in computer systems. If you still discovered on his final statement is questionable items should happen:

They immediately notified the card company or issuing bank.
The provider will contact the dealer. This must prove that is between him and the credit card holder, a contract concluded. As is regularly paid for Internet purchases without a signature, a contract can not be detected frequently.The provider calls accordingly and refunded the money back to the credit card holder.

Despite this clear legal position, one should be careful with his card and associated PIN. If the credit card holder gives other people the opportunity negligence on his card number and possibly gain access to the PIN, it may be held at the claims by the credit card issuer. In some cases the customer is then seated on the damage.


Especially in the retail sector is often accepted only cash card. However, it is often traveling abroad or would like to buy one over the Internet, you should establish a credit card. Since the fees and conditions for credit cards can be very different, it’s worth a previous comparison.