Sansanos create new system to capture cuttlefish through lighting

“Jibianeitor” is the name of the invention, which through a LED light that changes color with some frequency catch the mollusk, allowing reducing the time of capture and increasing the profits of the fishermen.

With the passage of time fishing is no longer the only source of employment of hundreds of Chileans. This is due to various factors that made the production decrease to the point of disappearing. However, new sources of exploitation have been appearing on the shores of the country. Such is the case of the cuttlefish, a mollusk that has gradually developed into a nine labor source for the Chilean fishermen. Considering the need of sea men for a good extraction of this product is that Franco Rodriguez and Mario Parades, both students of the Vina del Mar headquarters of the USM in the careers of Technical University in electronics and Technical University in Industrial mechanics, respectively and Jonathan Mitchell of the College Industrial Superior of Valparaiso, created an innovative system that allows to capture the cuttlefish.

Sansanos create new

“Jibianeitor” is the name of this invention, which is a pioneer in the way fishing moll scum. In this respect Franco Rodriguez noted that, “its most notable features are innovation, furthermore it is small, compact, self-fulfilling, and easy to use.” “This product works in the following way: uses two batteries with a circuit within an embase which through a LED light that varies from color to a certain frequency that attracts the Humboldt, commonly known as cuttlefish, squid, reducing the time of capture, controlling the plague and increasing earnings”.

This novel product creators thought about the idea that was something innovative to assist to the balance of the ecosystem and to the world of fishing. “We as a team we saw needs that had the world of fishing, that over time this craft has been declining in many respects, on the theme of innovation, the amount of work there and wages received by workers and businesses,” explains Franco Rodriguez. So new and particular has been this project, which was introduced in the latest version of the technology fair Expotec of the headquarters Vina del Mar in the USM, which these three young people have thought to market the product and associated with companies who are interested in mass it.

“Our future plans is to develop new inventions to help the community, the environment and people through an innovative way, and go spread our names to receive support from the business world,” ends the student.