How create a logo for A Business Idea

Hello dear reader this weekend I attended an excellent seminar to learn how to create the name and the actual logo for a business idea, the session that lasted nearly 4 hours, uh… if long isn’t it? but it was worth. So I’m going to share with you the most important steps for creating an effective visual identity.

business plan

One of the following initial and important when it comes to translating a business project is undoubtedly choose a good name and create a logo because that is how you identify for the rest of the life of your business. Either in physical business or a project on the Internet need to have a sign that identifies you.

The steps to create a visual identity are:

1.Choose a proper name: a good name of business that can also function as a logo will forever so that the initial strategy is to make a list with long name that you think (brain storm), then select a few 2 or 3. The key to select the appropriate is to ask yourself if the name identifies the product or service which thou shalt offer. Another test to choose the appropriate is to ask several people that they named Dec.

2. Create an attractive logo: the image of your logo should be coherent with the activity that you develop, the idea is to convey that you do things seriously in your activity. You must have these 5 components, simplicity; easy to remember; enduring; versatile and appropriate.
3. Write a slogan: not all logos of companies have a slogan, but as well say the slogan Therm transmit you service and is the most important and enduring business advertising, you will be always there communicating to the public. So your you decide if you take advantage put it, my recommendation is Yes.

4. Select the appropriate colors: at this point many people knows that colors has an influence at the unconscious level that affects the behavior of shoppers, is why you should pay attention to the colors that you use to convey your message through the psychology of color. For example the Red: increases blood pressure and stimulates appetite. Yellow: conveys happiness. Bank: purity and confidence, etc.

Good friends hope that these recommendations help to create fantastic visual image for your business idea. I hope your comments, thanks.