The consumption of tea in Spain has increased by 8.9% in the last year

United States foresees that tea consumption will exceed of coffee in the year 2017. The big chains are implementing its tea product lines and Moroccan teahouses, signal that the tea is being imposed as fashion against the coffee every day, drink 2 billion cups of tea in the world. Its consumption is on the rise. Thus, according to data collected by teterum, the first website selling tea Spanish by subscription, consumption of tea in Spain has increased by 8.9%. In fact, studies say that in United States will surpass the coffee in 2017. Proof of this, is the fact that major restaurant chains, are implementing their lines of business oriented tea.

Late fashion in Spain
The widespread consumption of tea in Spain, is late. Although its introduction is towards the 18th century, is not until after the Civil War, when they begin to open stores in which to drink a tea. Today, tea is implemented in Spain to such an extent that it has become a fashion surrounded by all a paraphernalia which includes “chic” premises, mugs design, teapots, etc. However, it is not a fad, but that its consumption has come to stay.


Multiple benefits, some undiscovered
One of the causes of the increase in consumption of tea is that, every day, new benefits that brings the tea are known, “consumption of tea is fully associated with a healthy lifestyle”, says Patricia Pólvora, Co founder, to which adds “its benefits are many and include, from helping to lose weight to antioxidant properties”. However, every day, publishing new studies that bring to light new beneficial properties for the human being.

Teterum is the first website in Spain’s sale of tea per subscription, launched from the hand of Patricia Pólvora and Ivan Ruiz. It aims to be a platform for promotion of tea as a healthy choice from coffee. The subscription is simple from. In addition, the web offers three types of subscription to expand the options; monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The Subscriber receives monthly a “Pack of tea” surprise, with a selection of different teas with different flavors and aromas. The selection is made by experts in the field. Also, the pack includes detailed information about the teas and recipes to savour them.