How to conclude a business plan

The business plan conclusions are decisive so that you can convince the investors to participate in the expansion of your company. A strong conclusion to a business plan can cement the support you need to grow your small business. A weak, uninspired conclusion may leave potential investors feeling exactly that way.

business plan

Since a business plan is hypothetical, you must make your investors feel as safe as you do, if not more. A strong conclusion will reiterate your overall vision, specify what you need from the readers and give them a call to action that inspires them to join you. Fail in that and the work that you put in the elaboration of the plan will end in vain.

Write in an optimistic tone if you sound like you do not believe in your business, the reader wills not either. Say Following this plan, ABC Company will meet its financial goals instead of: If we are lucky, the ABC Company can succeed. Summarize the opportunity. A detailed business plan provides a wealth of information such as start-up capital, projections and target demographics. Summarize and remind the reader of this information.

Describe where you expect to be in the next three to five years. It shows the reader that he will benefit from investing in your company. For example after the projections, the ABC Company will grow 50 percent during the first five years. Emphasize what puts you above your competitors. To convince a reader to invest, you want a competitive advantage. The combination of years of industry experience combined with state-of-the-art technology has prepared ABC to claim first place in the market.

Tell the reader what is expected of him. The plan itself may interest you, but your idea of ​​a contribution may differ from what you need. If you are looking for an investment of $ 20,000, specify that number. It ends with a call to action. If you have done your work, the reader is interested and knows what is expected of him. A final push could well seal the deal. Take this opportunity to enter the ground floor of a company with unlimited growth potential.