The efficient and innovative event for professionals in the Marketing, communication and sales

The seventh edition of BusinessEvent, will be held the next 6 and 7 April in the farmhouse of Jose Luis, provinces Street, s/n (Feria del Campo) of Madrid. This edition expected to be realised more than 1,000 working meetings.

The dynamics of the events organized by Ibevents follows corporate guidelines for high performance. It facilitate meetings of labour, the real networking among business buyers and business sellers of the same sector. To achieve this goal, each participant fills a tab with the most relevant data of your company and your business goals. Once collected this information compile a Dossier of participants and is distributed to all managers. Managers choose those companies that want to maintain a business meeting “one by one”. A property of Ibevents software analyzes the preferences of each participant and assembles a personal agenda. During the two days of the event the participants held between 12 and 17 meetings of networking with the party proper and pre-selected by them.

communication and sales

BusinessEvent ™ MK aims to once again facilitate and promote business among professionals in the Marketing, communication and sales, and offer a wide range of solutions for 2 days with the aim of optimizing costs and periods of the business cycle for both sides of the meeting tables.

The 7th Edition of BusinessEvent ™ MK is organized by Ibevents and account with the help of ESIC and media: advertisers, newspaper advertising and strategies.

About Ibevents
International Business Events (Ibevents) is a pioneering Spanish company specialized in the realization of events of Networking, in a structured way, where business meetings are carried out “one to one” according to the preferences of the participants (BusinessEvent ™). This is made possible by a computer software designed by Ibevents, which allows this type of event, transforming the preferences of the participants into a Personal Agenda of activities.

Ibevents also offers its know-how for planning, organization and execution of any kind of public events, information days, product presentations, incentive trips, call, congresses, fairs and any other Act that requires a careful implementation, marketing and human resources departments.