The Contact Center sector keeps confidence with regard to their commercial situation

According to the report Customer Care Manager’s Index (misc) for the second quarter of 2012, managers from the scope of the Contact center surveyed slightly improve your confidence with regard to current and future business volume, and also in terms of the volume of service, decentralization and job creation forecasts. The service company of management of customer relations, Sitel, with the support of a broad group of companies and associations in the sector, including the AEECCC, IFAES and Altitude Software, has announced the results of the report Customer Care Manager’s Index (misc), for the second quarter of the year, which offers exclusive, reliable and strategic data that help to better understand the conditions of the markets and the prospects for the sector of the Contact Center.

Among the main conclusions that emerge from this survey, it should be stressed that surveyed managers of companies in the sector of Contact Center Express mistrust and pessimism with regard to the current situation and the future of the country. This is consequence of the strong economic instability experienced in the second quarter of the year, affecting not only Spain, where the economy suffered a decline of 0.4%, but throughout the European Union, which suffered one fell 0.2 per cent of their gross domestic product (GDP) during this period, according to data released recently by Eurostat.

commercial situation

However, despite this strong instability in the global economic context, respondents maintained and even slightly improved levels of confidence in the overall situation of their sector and also, but to a lesser extent, in relation to the current situation of your company. In this sense, the CCMI report reflects an improvement in some indicators relating to the sector itself, as for example, the current business volume or the volume of future business.

In this same vein, a mild increase of forecasts in terms of volume of service, decentralization and job creation or evolution of the template is also observed.

On the other hand, although in previous periods, surveyed managers held a neutral or positive view on the profitability of your business, in this second quarter of the year, this value undergoes a slight fall, which denotes a greater uncertainty and concern.

In terms of the assessment concerning the incorporation of social networks as a new channel of attention to the client for the sector of the Contact Center, the results of the Misc of the second quarter of the year remains an assessment positive. What follows that social networks are still being perceived by managers consulted as a dynamic factor and enormous potential that can help create new avenues of growth within the sector.