How to start a clothing business

The dream of many fashion lovers is to start your own clothing business for women. While the fashion industry is glamorous and interesting, open a clothing store requires hard work and is an activity that should not be underestimated. You need money, industry knowledge and for being willing to work hard to achieve a successful business.


Gain experience selling retail clothing. Before starting your own business, you must work in the environment to learn how it operates. Take relationships with designers, manufacturers and suppliers before launching your own clothing is necessary. Also, you must learn what mistakes to avoid, and not do in your business.

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Decide what kind of clothes you want to sell and what is the audience you aim. You can sell clothes designer couture apparel more accessible to the average woman. You can sell modern or “vintage” clothing. You can buy clothes from other designers or design them and manufacture them yourself. It is important to have a clear idea of ​​what you want before proceeding.
Find a location. You must take into account the audience chose. If you sell her couture clothing, position yourself in a wealthy area. If you will sell clothes “vintage” more accessible, an area which is considered fashionable or it is close to universities.

Make a plan of action. If you write it, it will be easier to detect flaws in the project and the items you forgot to include. Pay special attention to financial calculations that you performed, as they are key to the success of the store.

Get funding. It’s time to get the money needed for the project: you can approach a lender and apply for a loan or have the money paid to your family. You must be sure that you have more money than you think necessary, because chances are you will run into unexpected expenses.

Take an inventory. For this you must acquire or manufacture clothes to fill the store. You should also establish relationships with suppliers at this time, so that when you need to order merchandise, you can do so easily, having made all the necessary arrangements.

Get permits and authorizations required by the local government. It is also important that you take out insurance, including compensation for what future employees.

Opens Store. Buy or rent the place, get all the goods and opens the door. Spread the word about your new business with friends and family. Media used traditional advertising, such as radio and newspapers, or organize events in store for the people to know.