Cleantech Challenge Mexico 2013

Is the 32 green more innovative companies in Mexico Mexico, D.F-the Cleantech Challenge México announced today the 32 companies finalists that remain the most important open tournament of green companies in the country. The selection of winners of the round of 64 was held days 6, 7 and 8 June in venues: Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla and Mexico City.

The companies had 10 minutes to present your business proposal facing a jury composed of investors, experts in technology, business models and sustainability, who gave emphasis to the aspects related to business model innovation. He was counted with the participation of more than 250 entrepreneurs and businessmen, more than 50 judges and about 30 volunteers, sponsors, investors and members of the press. “As every year, in this knockout round we observe strengthening and maturity acquired projects, which makes it more difficult to select companies that will make up the next round.

 Cleantech Challenge Mexico 2013

The 32 finalists are, no doubt, those who have managed to move forward and continue to innovate, not only in technology, but in a general way in the model of business and sustainability”, said Luis Aguirre-Torres, Cleantech Challenge Mexico’s President and Chief Executive Officer of GreenMomentum, main sponsor of the competition. During the presentation of the 32 finalists was with the participation of Javier Altamirano, Entrepreneur Program Manager of IBM, who spoke of the importance of support for such initiatives in Mexico to achieve sustainability and social development. Below is the list of the 32 companies that could represent their projects successfully, covering each of the criteria to be evaluated by the jury of the contest:

1. Organic adhesive water based 2 Basurama 3 Biodimex 4. Construction Romase 5 Coredom 6 Debzyme 7 Decolounge 8 Development of Biosorbents 9 Energy and alternative technology 10. Ecological stove 11. Global Consulting Mexico 12 GreenUp 13. Group Avanzata 14 Ilu-green 15 Inabtek 16 Kaltia consulting and projects 17 Kimmkaal Agrosoluciones 18 Mare Nostrum 19 Movagro 20 Us ground 21 Plastic Block 22 Power Tad Mexico 23. Natural dehydrated products 24 Protection and improvement of Chiapas 25 Learn Automotive Biodiesel production system 27 Systems Box 28 Solar concentration systems 29 Technologies Ilumexico 30 VerVerde 31 Waste-to-Diesel 32 We-Keeper The next knockout round will take place on 6 July in the city of Puebla, in the facilities ofIn.Q.baSchool of business, where companies will present their proposals again with a special focus on aspects related to growth and development of market strategies and marketing.

About Cleantech Challenge Mexico Cleantech Challenge Mexico is a non-profit created in order to promote the creation of companies, jobs and green capabilities in Mexico. This is achieved through the Organization of an «open» annual tournament of Mexican green companies, where in cooperation with the Government of Mexico, the World Bank, UNIDO, USAID, NGOs and Mexican risk investment funds, seeks to strengthen and finance companies as well as Mexican green SMEs.