The characteristics of services

Many companies are key to find a balance between supply and demand it is not possible to accumulate the services hoping that customers appear. Sell services, and many who, selling products also offer additional services such as training, installation and counseling, among others. This sector, which is growing rapidly as tourism, aesthetics, consulting, advertising, education, professional services, communication, etc. has characteristics of different business, and sometimes more complex than the world of products.

characteristics of services

Intangibility: who saw service it is the main difference! Services are not objects; rather they are results of a certain process. You cannot see, taste, feel, hear or smell before purchase. There is no way to show your client a previous idea, send a sample, or differentiate yourself from the competition for tangible aspects: comfort, attention, tranquility, speed, good service, they cannot be demonstrated with ease! While previous and other experiences allow customers to give an idea of the expected outcome and create a reputation, service lends itself when hiring. Indeed, in many cases, the best service is one that is not noticeable for example, a process without conflict or the effective organization of an event.

All at once, many services are produced consumed at the same time even with client participation in the process school, bank, dentist, hotel, restaurant, transportation. This causes the interaction between the client and the company is a critical event, a decisive moment: if well paid characteristics of services, seldom highlights the client, but was given improperly, cannot override that experience and create a new compared to the products, which itself can be returned or replaced.

Heterogeneity: hard to provide the same quality: Each service delivery is a unique experience! The high variability of services is a problem for standardization. Even with guidelines and similar resources, the results can be highly variable from employee to employee, from client to client, from day to day. This makes it difficult to ensure uniform quality, which can be a major cause of customer dissatisfaction.

If not sold, lost services cannot be stored in inventory hoping that customers appear. Shelf life is a feature also of some products, but in the case of services is immediate and it is not possible accumulate. If it is not used when available, service capacity is lost (egg hotel rooms without tourists, client less hairdressers, and empty taxis). The biggest problem is demand fluctuations. The challenge will be to make adjustments to balance supply and demand.