Characteristics of entrepreneurs

Debts are one of the few legal situations that have no prescription. This feature provides social and legal benefits well known and that no one questions. However, if we analyze the problems in the current circumstances, raises the applicability of debts.

Firstly, the applicability risk aversion increases and reduces the rate of entrepreneurs. Consider, for example, an entrepreneur who has generally supported the debts of your business with their heritage and has suffered no intention or guilt, a total failure in their activity. Their status as debtor will extend throughout their lives, including their heirs will be affected. Do you feel motivated this entrepreneur to start a new adventure?

Entrepreneurs and imprescriptible debt

If, moreover, the adventure begins with a heavy backpack (which provide the debts of his previous failure), we will be promoting risk aversion, in a country in which the risk aversion is very high, and creating obstacles to the maintenance of the species, therefore, among other things, our business index is low. But secondly, this situation of debtor for life, that citizen causes, which his adventurous spirit drives him to continue to put in business, is forced to overshadow its activity, and thus to work, and build their business in opacity. Come on!

That this situation shamelessly promotes lifelong debt economy or the existence of fraudulent figures (using proxies). This reduces tax revenues for the state and corporate transparency. because in this situation, who is going to put assets in your name? Creditors are, of course, worthy of legal protection, their defense is positive and fair. However, the state legislators, the creditors must understand that, as happens with countries, to pay off debts need to make money, you need to grow.

Collaborative attitudes are better than the competition in which one intends to charge everything and the other can not pay anything. Collaboration preach to the creditor and debtor countries to the mortgage debt, and now also for entrepreneurs who without malice or guilt have failed in their activity. The entrepreneur must be protected, because they produce a clear benefit to the economy of all since, are what create more jobs. A species beyond the official discourse is endangered or nearly dead, if has failed once in their activity.