Changing the ownership of a business

ownership of a business

With the crisis, many entrepreneurs have been in a position of having to transfer their business because they could not continue to manage them. In addition, the other side of the coin is that many people have found the opportunity to manage a business already started without having to create a business from scratch. There are some formalities we have to do when we transfer a business in Spain, including changing the ownership of a business.

ownership of a business


Before assuming the great responsibility, it means to take charge of a business that is not ours and that this pass into our hands, we have to verify that everything is in order and payments current and licenses. Some key points to consider you are aware of all payments to the treasury, social security and workers. It is important to note that in order to make the transfer the company must have been active at some point from the last six months to today.

  • Need to have on hand a number of documents to carry out the transfer these would be:
  • Opening license in force
  • Writing company, VAT of it and DNI / CIF owner and the future owner

Document transmission

All formalities as well as the application of document transmission will be held in the City Hall that corresponds to the business in question. Once it has been confirmed the change of ownership of the business we continue with the activity of this within a maximum period of six months from the date of award. To read more articles like how to change the ownership of a business we recommend you enter our category starting a new business.

When creating a new business few steps must perform or yes. One of them, especially important is to register on the Business Tax , and to pay taxes on the benefits we get, is very important if we want everything goes properly and not punish us. The business tax is a tax character locally, that is, belonging to our City or municipality. We also note that it is mandatory for any company to carry out an economic activity is exercised at a local or not so we have to apply mandatory. The first of these is the corresponding to Business Tax, and the second is intended to communicate the net amount of our turnover.