Eduardo Molet will present the Digital guide of the Chamberi trade in a day

On the day of ‘ICT, key to the development of the microenterprise’, also companies such as Google, Strato and Sage, and associations such as FUNDETEC will participate.

The Traders Association small & medium enterprises Chamberí excellent (ACHE) will start soon a Digital guide of the trade of Chamberí, project will present on Thursday, March 24, its President, Eduardo Molet, on the day that organizes the Spanish Multisectorial Association of micro AEMME and technology Madrid, Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

Chamberi trade in a day

Aware of the importance of ICT in the development of small enterprises, the Association of merchants of Madrid Chamberí district, has launched this new project, with the objective of promoting knowledge about small businesses, not only at a local but also global level.

To encourage the consumption of neighborhood and ensure survival and consolidation of stores and small businesses in the district, aCHe is driving the presence of partnership in Internet and new media of social communication, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The next step will be the creation of a Digital guide of the trade of Chamberí in which offer detailed information on businesses and shops operating in the Madrid district and facilitate contact between them and consumers. Information about the neighborhood and public facilities in the district may also be found in this guide.

Says Eduardo Molet, President of the Association, “the objective of these actions is to promote relations between traders and businessmen, at the time given to meet the people from the neighborhood businesses and share experiences”

More information about the ICT day, key to the development of micro-enterprises
ACHE, Association of traders, small and medium-sized companies Chamberí excellent, was born in 2004 with trade vocation. Its objective is to raise awareness and promote small businesses to residents of this district of Madrid, qualified as a European model of reference in this form of trade. Another of its objectives is to defend the interests of its partners against the trends of the market concentration in supermarkets, which have both threatened the existence of this kind of shops so close to its customers and so dear to make an area. ACHE currently has more than 500 associated shops.