RYDSA celebrates its first 10 years

The importers of value-added information technology celebrates its first 10 years consolidating and strengthening its growth. RYDSA (networks and distribution S.A), the importers of value-added information technology celebrates its first decade of history with very good results, consolidating and strengthening its growth.

“Throughout these 10 years, RYDSA specialized in giving resellers and integrators the service they need to succeed in the implementation of the more complex solutions for data centers, including solutions for power, connectivity, security, storage and servers.” In this decade we have capitalized on an important “know-how” that allowed us to be very clear about our strategy and focusing on our greatest strengths: the development of business with customers and advice for all kinds of projects of data center. “Said Jorge Pinjosovsky, commercial Director of RYDSA and added: our policy is to ensure that resellers, whatever their turnover, have an opportunity to project and receive everything they need to close deals with success, without need for prior investment.” The year 2012 has been very demanding and has allowed us to consolidate our market position, proving to our customers that we can help them in any situation.”

RYDSA celebrates its first 10 years

“RYDSA was born in 2002, in the midst of the storm, so we’re used to dealing with turbulent seas (as they say:”calm seas do not make expert sailors”).” The year 2012 has undoubtedly been the most challenging of our lives, by market conditions, but after June, things have improved considerably. Stressed Jorge Pinjosovsky and underlined: “in recent years we have strengthened with each of the contracts signed with the marks. In the past 3 years we have achieved an average growth of 25% every year in our turnover and the latest award we received from HP as best value-added distributor, it has a special value since we entered to HP to be distributors of 3Com, when HP bought this brand.

RYDSA since 2002 was consolidating its portfolio of solutions in order to achieve a complete and unified proposal for the market that points. Their business areas are:

• Networking: with Allied Telesis, Netgear, HP, Avaya
• Storage: Hitachi, HP and Netgear
• Electrical infrastructure with APC
• Safety with Tipping Point, HP, and Sonicwall
• Telephony with Avaya
• High-end HP servers
“When we founded RYDSA had a great goal: be a wholesale distributor oriented projects and gain experience in the commercialization of products and complex solutions.” Slowly and with the effort of all our people were achieving. In 2010 we saw a transformation of the needs of the market and were able to make the changes necessary to grow and accompany this process of change and evolution. For this reason our keys were training and permanent advice”. Said William Zeitlin, Director of operations of RYDSA. And added: “while other wholesalers focus on sales volume, we also put the focus on giving added value and give answers to the brands that require that the importers of more support and help more and more resellers in their projects”.

“In the beginning the company had 3 employees.” Today we are 25 people with the talent, professionalism and the spirit of the beginnings, renovated, improved and with more experience. It was in each one of the brands that we have, and still the same situation occurs: a reseller which has a good business relationship with a customer, that already you this selling other things, but you want to enter into any new business and feel secure. At that point enters RYDSA and we give you all our support pre and post sales so they can offer your customer a solution with all the support of the manufacturer. We visited with the reseller account and put together a solution. We protect the business with the manufacturer to ensure the best price. We deliver and help you in the installation.” Described Guillermo Zeitlin and added: to 2013 aims to grow and consolidate ourselves as a “one stop shopping” for solutions for data center and achieve also a dominant position in the business of Avaya and high performance servers.

“We meet our first great decade with great successes and goals achieved. “We are preparing to begin a new stage that will not be easy, but that we are convinced that we have achieved a position of reference in the market and we are ready to overcome new objectives and our own growth.” Said Alejandro Rechanik, Chief Financial Officer of RYDSA and said to conclude: “the Argentine market continues to grow. More beyond of all national economic problems, the companies recognize the value of investing in technology and always opt for this type of products. On the other hand both the Government, in all its versions, such as large companies, are in a period of renewal and expansion of facilities, so you can expect an interesting future. There are areas of business that do not stop to grow, such as servers and storage, applications increasingly product more plaintiffs. Other areas such as telephony, have changed so much in recent times, that the possibilities that offer today, are vastly superior to the of only 4 years ago.

In the photo executives and founders of RYDSA: from left to right: Jorge Pinjosovsky commercial Director, Alejandro Rechanik, Chief Financial Officer and Guillermo Zeitlin, Director of operations.

About Rydsa
Networks and distribution S.A. is a wholesaler of computer science of value-added, founded in 2002 with the aim of satisfying the demand for resellers and system integrators in the technological field.

RYDSA combines the support of leading brands like Avaya, Allied Telesis, APC, Hitachi, HP Networking, HP servers, HP Storage, Netgear, Sonicwall, Tippingpoint and Transition Networks, with a staff of professionals with long experience in the technology market.

RYDSA is a referent and Allied strategic resellers and integrators, providing them with the best logistics service, the best ratio of price and the highest quality technical advice, to ensure the successful realization of their business projects. The company has a network of 3,000 active resellers.