Why Car Dealership Websites Need a Human Touch

The fundamentals of automobile sales haven’t changed, even in the digital era: people buy cars from people. According to Auto Dealer Today, the closing ratio of appointments outstrips walk-ins by more than double. Appointments have on average a 44% closing ratio, which jumps up to 58% with a test drive. Tried and true methods on the sales floor continue to drive auto sales, but the Internet age has dramatically changed consumer behavior before they step foot in the dealership.

Reports suggest that auto buyers today spend up to 20 hours researching models, prices, financing, and incentives online before making a visit. By the time you get an online lead, it’s likely that they’re already well-informed about you and your competitors. People turn to your website to compare products and learn about incentives. When you introduce human engagement early on in the browsing process, you can guide them through your inventory and bring them closer to your sales floor.

website leadsThe image above is from a case study involving an online conversion leads service for a company in a leads-based sales industry. The company uses chat applications to engage with online browsers for dealerships that don’t have the staff to make live chat effective. A third party chat concierge service can give you a sales team that generates leads around-the-clock, every day of the year. According to Gubagoo, an online customer service and behavior analysis company, 95% of a dealer’s website traffic goes nowhere. A human presence on your website can make the difference between generating a lead and simply seeing traffic. Here’s how it works:

  1. A live window appears near the side or bottom of the page, in conjunction with a toolbar where visitors can find information on promotions and targeted inventory. Any time of day, an online consultant will answer customer questions, help inquirers navigate the website, and push product photos.
  2. Online consultants are there to direct traffic into your dealership, and they do it by booking test drives. Once they’re in the dealership, your salespeople can do what they do best: close.

Many visitors are just doing research, but as they come closer to their purchase point, they tend to delve deeper into websites and reveal their preferences in their clicking habits.Behavioral analytics make the difference between any old sales lead and a qualified one. The B.E.A.S.T. system, a patented behavioral analytics system created by Gubagoo, identifies anonymous web traffic and evaluates visitors based on the depth of their search on your site. Behavior analytics systems track a visitor’s IP address and their referral sources, and scores their seriousness based on how they move through your site. When they identify a serious browser, an online consultant can make a proactive chat request, bringing your dealership a highly qualified lead.

Your sales team has a role to play in online human engagement. Through apps such as those offered by Gubagoo, your salespeople can monitor live chats from their mobile or tablet, and even jump in. Remember: appointments with a test drive have a 58% close ratio, which increases to 62% when a salesperson gets a manager involved. It’s time to start turning traffic into highly qualified, test drive-ready leads.