Business profitable services that can start without money

What are the best business ideas B2B for this year? One of the most important keys to start a successful business is capital. however, one of the profitable business opportunities that any entrepreneur can take is to create a service company. In this article, I will highlight 15 B2B business services you can start immediately with little capital.


These businesses that I present below are the result of analysis of services companies have used or paid over the years, I’m talking about services you can offer businesses and entrepreneurs alike. The initial capital of a service company is usually little due to the low overhead required to start. You can start a profitable business from home with little or no inventory and operating cost. Business services listed below are very profitable. If you are interested in starting a B2B business services, then please read on.

Businesses that you can start with no money

The answer is not much. You can start even with an investment of $ 0 and grow putting much effort. You can start a service business at home as freelance worker to keep their costs down. Then you can consider renting office space and hiring employees. The most important thing you need to start a service business is the specialized knowledge or skill , because this is what the customer will pay. So therefore, you must be an expert in something. Being an expert in something or have a specialized skill does not necessarily have to be a college graduate.

You can acquire the necessary skills by attending seminars, participating in workshops or as an apprentice to an expert established. After perfecting his skill, then you proceed to gain some real life experience. Having said all this, I share below 15 service businesses you can start with little or no money.

Business Consulting

Are you an experienced entrepreneur or business owner? Do you know what it takes to start a business, build a business, run a business and grow a business? Then you can start a computer consulting business. You can help businesses or entrepreneurs to take off, offering business advice and guidance. You can also help employee’s transit entrepreneurs.

Business advisory services to small businesses

If you are well grounded with management metrics a company with a meager budget, obtaining venture capital and grow a business, then you can become a small business advisory to startup entrepreneurs. Do not worry, coaching services small business is a business that has existed for a long time and those who are reaping the rewards but it’s never too late to enter

Perform feasibility studies and research to entrepreneurs

You can build a business around conducting feasibility studies and research for entrepreneurs. Not all employers are willing to suffer the stress of carrying out a feasibility study of their business idea or opportunity, so they will be happy to pay someone to do the dirty work for them.

Writing services business plans

Like the case of feasibility research, most employers avoid the dirty work of writing a business plan. In fact, most entrepreneurs do not even know how to write a business plan that has the ability to attract investors and are not willing to spend time to learn. If you can meet this need, you have a business in hand.

Research as a business opportunity

I have a couple of friends who started a business opportunity research services and are doing well in this business. All they do is keep an eye on upcoming trends, business needs or opportunities, and prepare a plan around and sell it to large corporations. Sometimes they come up with product ideas and business ideas with market potential and then sell those ideas to large corporations to develop. If you are interested in this activity, then you can start a business opportunity commercial research service.

Consulting and Brand Management

Do you have experience in branding? Then you can start small business advisory firms how to build a brand or increase your brand awareness. You can also offer consulting services in brand management for large enterprises if it can be sold to them.

Design Logos

Logo design demand for services is increasing. With the small company looking for possible ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, with a single eye catching logo is a definite way to achieve it. Can you design eye-catching logos and then enter the logo design service company. You can even associate with a brand consultant or marketing consultant to get more business.

Marketing Consulting

Can you show a cost-effective way to increase my client base by 30% – 70% or more? If so, then you have a business in hand. You can position yourself as a professional marketing consultant and show small business owners how to attract customers and increase sales for a fee.

Social Media Consulting

The world is going crazy media. Do you know how to generate traffic and improve brand awareness on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Then you can become a social media consultant and make money for him.

Services recruitment and selection of employees

Human resource management is one of many processes profitable businesses that are outsourced. Business owners are now concentrating on their core they do not want to be operated on by the recruitment process and management of personal. Puede intervene and resolve this problem by starting your own company recruiters.

Services related to accounting

Are you good with numbers? It is balance the books something you love. Are you good in accounting? Then, nothing prevents you from starting a business accounting services.

Press and editorial services

Free advertising is something that every business owner wants but unfortunately, only few know how. If you are good at writing press releases that are sure to be published, why not charge business owners a fee to help increase brand awareness through public media.