Example of a business plan for a small business

Business plan cash consists of five main elements: executive summary, business description, market analysis, financial evaluation and vision overall management. Is itself a useful tool for determining the direction of a company guide, but a business plan also serves as a critical component in the decision making process of individuals and companies interested in providing financial assistance to the company. Therefore, it is important that each element explicitly outlines the ideas and goals of the company.
business plan
Executive Summary
The start of a business plan cash is a well written executive summary. As a vision overall business, this section should disclose all the differences between the company in question and other similar companies. In addition, since the uniqueness of the business often weighs on the decision of a potential investor or a financial institution to work with the company, all existing competitive advantages should also be expressed. Conversely, failing to attract the reader’s interest in this section often results in a loss of interest in the rest of the business plan .


Description of Business
Besides the name and legal address of the company, this section should include a detailed description of the nature of business. Moreover, the description must be free of industry jargon, since readers may not be aware of this terminology. This section should also describe how the competitive advantages of the business to better serve the current market will be implemented.

Market Analysis
Being essentially a vision overall marketing plan of a company, this section is only as reliable as the information collected while were researching the market in which the business is. Also, in addition to describing the demand for the products or services offered, this section should include a description of the current market in terms of size, viability and trends thereof.

Financial evaluation
Often seen as an indicator of the degree of commitment that the owners of the company have with your business, this section should detail how are financially involved in the company. The lack of a personal financial contribution can be interpreted as a question about the success of the business project. However, if appropriate, the amount of necessary financial assistance must, in addition to a payment plan using the projected results indicated states. In addition, this section should include all related financial documentation, such as projections of annual revenue, breakeven spreadsheet, cash flow statements and projected balance.

Overview of management
This section is a description Overview of the organizational structure of the company, including the type of personality legal . In addition, this section should list the members of the full management team of the company with your credentials and vision usually all related experience performing the responsibilities associated with the positions they hold. This can be achieved with the inclusion of CVs, biographies or a combination of the two.