How to write a business plan for a real estate agent

Writing a business plan that requires some effort must be comprehensive and include many variables and solutions as possible. Write one for a real estate agent is similar to do for a small business, as the agent is, in a sense, their own small business. Unless the real estate agent is experienced and familiar with the industry, it may be difficult to predict future revenues as the market largely dictates sales.

write a business plan


Make a balance and collects all information related to the business. If a business is just starting, determines all expenses necessary for its implementation. These may include licenses, office rental, brokerage fees, surcharges office (fax, printer, paper, pens), computer, marketing materials (business cards, posters, logos), automobile and expenses related . Determines current expenditures. These may include public service office (phone, Internet, electricity), marketing and estimating the necessary monthly expenses. Always be conservative in estimating the costs and lean on the side that things are worth more to be sure. Having given these numbers, it will be easier to find out how much you need the agent to pay for your expenses.


Research the real estate market and future sales. Use industry publications such as those published in to see how strong the market in the geographic region of the agent. Ask about other agents are sales. Compare those numbers with sales figures industry sales to see how likely it is to comply or not reach the projected sales. Unfortunately the business of real estate is cyclical, and can be difficult to know how many sales will occur in a given month, especially being a new agent.
Determine a marketing plan. The successful real estate agents themselves are sold; have many contacts and meet many people. Create an agenda with industry events, networking functions and other meetings in which an agent can find potential customers. It may be difficult for a real estate agent buying advertising (posters, press, radio, television) when starting out, but you need some publicity. The most effective method of marketing in cost is to meet people and get contacts. Then use those contacts to make more contacts.

Write an action plan. This should be chronological and specify what you need to start the agent, you need to do and what you should do to ensure the success of your business. The plan should be read as a story, a story about how this realtor will succeed. Include as much detail and be as specific as possible.