Business opportunities

EmprendeNatura will hold the second trade fair of the entrepreneur Rural next on 15 and 16 June, in the municipality of El Escorial. After the success of the fair I of the Rural entrepreneur in the Palacio de Congresos of Madrid last November, the school of entrepreneurs EmprendeNatura returns to launch this pioneering initiative in Spain with the aim of showing all business opportunities to undertake outside the city and prove to the Spanish as “si, se puede”.

This is show a showcase of viable business ideas outside of the cities of Spain and teach through the stories of entrepreneurs that already they have achieved it, how to succeed in your business to live a more sustainable life in contact with nature of it and where less is more.

business opportunities

Will be a unique opportunity to open the door from the other side of Spain where the people take action to build a model of possible, healthy life and escape from the crisis.

Attendees may participate in presentations by experts which will provide key tools to succeed as entrepreneur, advice of organizations, embracing the Earth, Cepaim or own entrepreneurs undertake Natura school, while enjoying family a day filled with performances, workshops and meetings of networking with other participants.

Questions such as “undertaking”, “what opportunities I have outside gives the city”, “how to make viable business idea”, “how to invest just enough”, “how to create a powerful maraca”, “legal procedures need to know” or “how to manage my business effectively” may be advised by the school team of entrepreneurs that organizes the fair.

Notions how to make a garden, build a House with eco-friendly materials, live in an Ecovillage, purchased through consumer groups, added “people in transition” or learn about “sustainable economy models” be offered free of charge in workshops during the fair.

“With an increase of 30% in unemployment, more than 50% among young people, the rise in VAT, cuts in health and education, the lack of support and funding, and many other factors, life in the city for many has become mission impossible”, explains Lucía Molet, the founder of the EmprendeNatura project. “The business opportunities that have an entrepreneur in the field there are many more that you can imagine and the lifestyle there is easier.”