How to starting a business of healthcare at home in Michigan

A business for health care at home is highly lucrative, because a large part of the population, the baby boomers are reaching retirement age and this creates a constant flow of leads. In Michigan, there are a number of guidelines for you to start a business of health care. Private Duty Today says the process of starting a business of healthcare at home in Michigan is easier than the process that exists in other states, mainly because there is a special license required.

  business of healthcare


Appoints business. Choose one, two or three names for the business. The two additional names may be backups for your first choice option if a business in the state is already operating under that name.

Establish a business structure. You have options to register as a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, partnership or corporation. You may want to talk to a tax professional or legal before deciding on any business structure. Since medical care at home has some liability issues associated with the operation, you may want to take extra steps to protect yourself and your company, there are certain business structures that are better suited than others.

Record the name of the company in the State. Contact the Secretary of State of Michigan. Tell the person who answers the phone the type of business structure you are registering for providing you must complete the form and subsequent documents or documents that you must provide to complete the registration of your company.

Sign in state tax office. You will have to register the business in fiscal unity of the state of Michigan for withholding tax purposes. A business of healthcare from home requires a nurse, health professionals and administrative staff to run. Hire employees also involves withholding tax payments. This is handled by the Michigan Department of Treasury, you can contact phone 517-636-4660 in the United States.

Requesting an EIN (Employer Identification Number) with the IRS. Contact the IRS at 1-800-829-4933 in the US or downloading the SS-4 form online at the IRS website.

Hires employees. Place job openings for nurses, aides and home health care , administrative staff and other employees might need to run the business. Collect curricula, do interviews and select one candidate for each position.


Get indemnity insurance for accidents. Contact an agent insurance companies licensed to sell insurance in Michigan and establish the remuneration policy for workers to cover each of your employees.

Promotes business between doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals. Contact medical offices and hospitals to promote your business health care at home. How to Write conversation by email or mail a company brochure and contact details. You may want to send a small amount of brochures for the doctor or hospital put them in your waiting room.