Do I need a business license to start an online store?

All businesses, including those operating on the Internet must have a local business license to operate legally, according to the Small Business Administration. The licenses required for a store depend largely on the services or products offered by the store online. A business needs to have a license “dba” (“doing business as “) or a” certificate name “(” assumed name certificate “). Local and federal governments determine what licenses are required based on the nature of the online store.
business license

Local License provides links to government agencies designated to help find the correct permissions necessary local, state and federal levels and licenses. Basically, operate an online store requires the same license to operate a physical store. This website also provides information on other requirements to operate a company depending on the type of goods or services you sell the property.


Alcohol and snuff
If you plan to sell alcohol or snuff online, the law requires that your business is registered, which maintains a special register with the Office of Tax and Trade Bureau Alcohol and Snuff (Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau or TTB) and pay excise duty. An online seller of cigarettes and alcohol should also apply for a permit from the TTB. Companies can not operate legally without the written approval of the office.
The FTC (Federal Trade Commission or FTC) is the federal agency that regulates the activities of online trading. The rules and regulations for managing an online business apply to anyone who sells products or services online and other companies who transact with customers collecting information about them. You can find an online version of the rules, regulations and guidelines of the FTC on the website of the Business Center of the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Keeping the license
Watch all the expiry dates of the permits and licenses and renew them on time. Create a system of color codes. Choose a different color for each month and keep the licenses in the monthly folder that must be renewed. Create a red folder “Pending” or “Urgent” call and place it in front of folders month. From 30 to 60 days before the license expires, save the renewal reminder in the “Urgent” folder. Boot or destroys the old license when you receive the new and make sure that no additional licenses are needed before expanding your online store.